3 Top of the Crop Trending Hairstyles for Fall!


2015 Edition
BE inspired and consult with our BE Hair Health & Style Guides for the season’s freshest and trendiest hairstyle that is right for YOU!


short haircut style

The beauty edit look...
The so called “lobs” are of the past. Whether you're growing your last short cut out or looking for a new high fashion textured shag - you cannot go wrong with this blunt + rich layered look.  
Ask your hair health and style guide to ...   

Move with extreme caution, “I’ve seen women ask for more layers and instead they get a mullet.” Ask for a medium-length bob with layers no shorter than the ear or cheek bones.   Ask for the most movement within the crown area, while keeping the bottom more blunt to avoid making the hair look thin and 'strung out.'  

Style with ease and a little tease! 
For this cut, it’s all about achieving that coveted second- or third-day texture. Whether you have a natural wave or are more straight, add Evoq's Volume and Texture Spray after towel drying and before you hop in the car for your hot date or morning traffic jam -- end with a dab of Evoq's Texturizing Styling Pomade. Enjoy your perfectly undone - done look.  



short textured bob haircut

The beauty edit look...
FALL into the Rolling Stones genre heyday with this updated shorter shag and bang. This is a great cut for both extremely thin or fine hair. It's all about the weight disbursement and a care-free attitude.    
Ask your hair health and style guide to ... 
Create a short and blunt textured shag cut with heavier layered bangs. The layers should be brought forward and layered around the crown. Keep the cut medium length all the way around - "Beatles style."   

Style with lift, and forward thinking texture n' tease! 
Texture, texture, texture. Apply a bit of Evoq's Texturizing Styling Pomade into damp hair and blow-dry upside. At the tail end, add a little Texturize and Volumizing Spray for some grind and grit. ROCK IT!  


long layers haircut style for fall trends

The beauty edit look...
If you're looking for an easy to manage and easy to wear many way haircut and style, then this remains a favorite. By allowing a long fringe and long layered look, you can tie it up in a bun while leaving some softies by the face.     

Ask your hair health and style guide to ...
Basically ... "make me Julia Roberts, please." I confess my woman crush. She had me at Pretty Woman.  Make sure to stay two to three inches beyond the collarbone and starting the layers no higher than the chin. Proceed with caution if your hair is really coarse, frizzy, and thick.  Make sure not to cut the fringe or bang area too short- it'll spring!  

Style with less product and soothe with round brushing mastery!
When it comes to product, less is more.  I recommend starting with a dab of Evoq's Texturize and Volumizing Spray before your root-lifting DIY round brush and simply end with Evoq's 3 in 1 Multi-tasking Mist Hair Spray for the softest yet voluminous lock n' hold look.  


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