Understanding Your Anxiety + Top 3 Tips to Less Stress (get the low-down on cortisol inside)


Hello darling, 

Since starting a journey and education in Functional Medicine back in 2006, I have  closely followed like minded pioneers.  Women's Health Network is at the TOP of my list.  Head over to my favorite blog and enjoy tips on woman centric health insights and the steps to find resolutions.  ** PS!  Find our NEW Bath Soak specially formulated for your most inner nourishment needs.  

I hope you find the following blog post insightful, a quick read and a soft reminder of the individual complexity each of us carry and the need of a lifestyle audit and self-care.  


As always, our team at BE and I are available for any health and wellness local resources and premiere professionals.

Relax with our organic blend of seaweed powders and sea salts blended with organic aromatic essential oils to provide a spiritual spa experience at home. Breathe deep into a moment of self-love while infusing hormonal and whole body transdermal nutrition of vital minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iodine.

Create a Self Care Ritual for your
Inner Beauty Biology


*Curated with organic, wild­craft, and food­-grade ingredients

Leading 3 Health Benefits

ALGAE COMPLEX­ High in protein, Vitamins A and C, iodine, bromine, and phosphorus, which help remineralize while detoxifying the body of heavy metals.

CHONDRUS CRISPUS­ A marine active ingredient that moisturizes and soothes forming a barrier on the surface of the skin to slow down loss of water.

ASTAXANTHIN OIL ­Reduces skin inflammation and irritation while protecting against UV rays so skin looks more even and younger over time.


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