3 MUST HAVE Faves for a Perfect Blowout

Well hello lady!  Just like you, I'm on the GO and even thought I may be a hairstylist, I will always turn to our team at BE for a relaxing fresh blowout.  It may be a time commitment upfront but the payoff is in the following days and my snooze button.  Right?   Whether you go PRO or DIY, here are my 3 favorite products that not only make creating the perfect blowout easier but will also nourish your hair: 

1. Treat And Protect - This weightless spray is like a miracle worker. Fortified with amino acids it protects your hair from heat and UV damage (gotta protect that color!), adds shine, and helps cut drying time. I told you it was a miracle worker...Apply a light veil over wet hair. 

2. Healing Hair Oil - Lightweight and silicone-free hair oil absorbs instantly into the hair to add shine and protect hair from damage. Apply 1-2 drops to wet hair (mid lengths through the ends) add another drop or 2 to dry hair. 

3. Control Hairspray - Set your style with this super customizable hairspray. Need more hold? No problem, twist the nozzle between 1-3 to adjust your desired hold level (3 = strong yet flexible). To create a invisible hold, apply a thin mist to dry hair and finger comb through hair. 

Pro Tip: To get the most volume for your buck, try setting dry hair on velcro rollers and allow the hair to cool. It's an old school trick that works every time...


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