Top 6 Tips for Radiant Fall Skin

While the cool air may feel refreshing on your skin compared to the heat during the dog days of summer, it comes with its fair share of problems for your skin. The moisture levels in our skin drop along with the temperatures outside, so adjusting your skincare routine for cooler weather is necessary to avoid the dry, itchy, flaky, and dull skin cold season brings. Check out six of our favorite winter skincare tips that’ll help you avoid the skin problems cold weather brings.


#1 Adjust Your Cleanser
If you use oil-fighting products in the warmer months to fight excess oil production, you should switch to a gentler, hydrating cleanser during the winter. Our Cleansing Milk gently removes impurities from your skin with aloe, seaweed, and shea butter. Cleansers with Vitamin E and probiotics are ideal for cool weather as they cleanse, treat, and moisturize at the same time.


#2 Exfoliate Mildly

As dead, dry skin cells build up, your face can start to look dull. Gently exfoliating every so often can remove the dead cells and brighten and freshen up your face. Exfoliate in moderation, however, as too much can cause breakouts, sensitivity, dryness, and itchiness. Natural sea pearl extract is a great gentle exfoliant, and Vitamins A and E work to soothe dryness and promote cell renewal. Get these benefits from our Exfoliant Cleanser.


#3 Replenish With Face Oil

The cold, dry air can strip your face of its natural oils, which leave your skin vulnerable to the wind and cold. Face oils replenish the top layers of aging skin to help it retain moisture and protect it from the elements. Face oils go into your skin’s layers to deliver nutrients below the epidermal barrier. The red raspberry seed, cranberry seed, and sunflower oil in our Youth-Renewal Serum provide much-needed moisture and barrier formation to your winter skin.


#4 Moisturize with Vitamin C Esters

Along with replenishing oils, using a moisturizer rich in minerals and nutrients will help instantly rehydrate dry winter skin. The Omega 7 Fatty Acids in our Oxygen Cream will help reduce the redness and irritation cold winter air causes.


#5 Wear SPF

We hear this piece of advice no matter the season, and for good reason. The sun can always harm your skin, regardless if you can feel its power or not. UVB rays are weaker during colder months, but UVA rays have the same strength year-round. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with zinc oxide as a main active ingredient to protect you from both types of rays. A tinted sunscreen, like our Tinted UV Primer, protects your skin while covering flaws.


#6 Detox with Tea

Staying hydrated is important to combat the dryness of winter, and detoxifying tea is great for cleaning out some of the environmental toxins our bodies take in. Try our Metabolize + Slimming Remedy Tea for a yummy and healthy way to hydrate.


Just like our wardrobes, our skincare routine should adjust for the changing seasons. Follow these six tips to have luminous, hydrated skin during the dry cold months.

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