3 Makeup Trends To Inspire Your Everyday Look (or to glam your holiday parties)

The change of seasons call for your makeup to be applied with a heavier hand. Your lusting makeup bag is calling for a update to level-up your inner and outer bold confidence (we know its in you)!

Stop by BE anytime or grab a RSVP with our makeup artist and we’ll make these simple and glam looks -personalized and easy!  

Making a Statement

 Jager & Bianca Studio 54

Jager & Bianca Studio 54

Hello beautiful!   We're bringing a little makeup inspiration as we officially move out of a long-standing trend of nudes, golds and makeup-LESS face. 

We all know that makeup can warp us back to a time in history. I had to laugh when putting this archive together with our incredible skin expert, TAYLOR. Taylor was teenage-ing in the 90's and loves these looks as it reminds her of the 90's grunge look.  While I squirm a bit when I think of Kirt Cobain, my reaction is lifted as I attribute these rich makeup tones back to the 70's when the disco ball was well and running at Studio 54.   Want to really get into it? I found two tutorials to re-create the 90's grunge or a night at the 70's disco. 

Ok - back to 2016.  Stay on trend with these winter makeup statements of bolder hues that pop out any lip, cheek and eye shape.    

Step outside the box (more like your makeup bag) and gather a few spellbinding and glam makeup effects with these enchanting palettes in tones to suit every mood.


Screen Shot 2016-11-27 at 9.45.35 AM.png

Deep dark lips

Think deep ruby reds, sinfully dark violets, dare I say the darkest of sapphire blue? The color of your lips can change an entire look.

If you haven’t tried a dark lip, get sassy or classy with a standard berry base and opting to apply a darker shade over top – this will blur the darkness to a medium shade. Ease into it - you may learn to love it.

The Blush Taxonomy

We’ve come a long way from the toxic mercury, synthetics-based formulas of the past century and methods of grandma’s time. Between stains, creams, and powder - choosing the best color can be in and of itself confusing.  Get the quick rundown.

Where to put it!
To perfect your rouge, gently sweep color above the apple of your cheekbone and brush outwards towards your temple (over extending blush past the cheek bone can result in a baby doll look).

Perfecting your hugh:  For winter tones, enhance your skin hughs of a warmer blushed cheek. Think orange, brown undertones or a subtle mauves.  

Peach can be especially flattering for complexions with yellow undertones, while pink works best for those with pink undertones.

Smudgy Liner

Love up on some drama with your day or night look with black liner on your lower lash line. Apply black eye pencil to the thickness and darkness of your liking. Use a q tip or smudge brush in a back and forth motion to pull apart the sharp line for a faded look.

We look forward to helping GLAM you UP as you mix and match the hottest trends and the best colors and tones personalized just for you.  xo


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