You do this 221 times per day and it may be aging you.

FACT:  The average person checks their phone about 221 times a day.  

While modern technology increases efficiency, communication and ease, it’s also introduced a whole host of new dangers to our skin. You might be familiar with the “smartphone squint,” but have you heard of Tech - Turkey Neck?

When formulating our new line of organic Evoq Beauty hair and skin essentials, the most current revealings of the invisible stressors and symptoms from the inside-out were considered, and with good reason.

Modern Day Beauty Solutions to an New Era of Aging

Growing dermatol­ogical studies show that modern day exposure to pollution (from exhaust, smog, smoke, infrared technologies, and free radicals) causes dehydration, wrinkles, fine lines, premature aging, weakened skin, dullness, allergies and sensitivity.

So what the heck is tech/turkey neck?

Tech neck refers to the position of your neck when you look to check your phone and tablet.  

Coined by plastic surgeons, this condition is accompanied by sagging jowls and wrinkled necks.

The Beauty Biology Breakdown

In short, the skin on your neck is delicate and thin, so looking down constantly causes collagen and elastin to break down, leaving you with unsightly deep wrinkles and sagging skin.   Turkey Neck can be a precursor to other issues like bad posture, headaches, and negatively affected sleep.

 In More Detail

As we graciously age, collagen and elastin synthesis slows down, leading to skin laxity and wrinkles. Additionally, years of sun exposure catch up with visible effects of UV damage creating a crepe paper effect on your delicate neck.

Your neck is short on oil glands, which can cause dryness that speeds up the aging process. Neck skin already tends toward laxity so it’s a perfect environment for a rough and wrinkled texture.

By adjusting your smartphone usage and always using sun protection, you can do a lot to prevent and slow down signs of turkey neck and skin aging.  Amongst outside catalysts, there’s still the transitions of natural aging.


To stay ahead of time and to optimize your skin health - read on about the pro-active steps to take to halt and reverse sallow skin and lost muscle tone.


Solution One: Topical Ingredients

Our Professional Organic Evoq skincare line carries a number of skin firming and tightening solutions that can help reverse the catalysts of Turkey Neck. With daily maintenance of our Vita C + Oxygen moisturizer and Vitamin D enhanced 30 SPF - Evoq essentials address skin dehydration and dermal barrier breakdown at the root to protect and prevent any further aging and visible damage.


Solution Two:  None Invasive Facial Technology

Topical ingredients are great for daily maintenance and long-term care, but if you’re looking for a quicker solution, you might be ready to invest in a natural non-invasive facelift. Fortunately, at Beauty Ecology, you can get the solutions that deliver quick results while avoiding the cost and any recovery time. 

Lifting & Firming Bio-Lift Technology

How it works. 

Every cell in your body has a molecule called ATP, and it powers everything you do throughout the day. It’s the energy source for cellular activity and collagen and elastin synthesis. Aging and lifestyle factors slows down ATP production, which can lead to an increase in common signs of aging.

Beauty Ecology uses micro-current technology in our Bio Lift Clinical Facial to help stimulate ATP production and train muscles for an uplifted and sculpted youthfulness.

* Collagen and elastin production are instantly enhanced, and cellular activities are improved to benefit the texture, health, and visual appearance of your skin.

* Nutrients and blood to specific areas to activate a sluggish lymph system, while reducing any swelling and gently lifting, toning, and strengthening the muscles in the neck.

Click here to read the FAQs about microcurrent facials.

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Photos Via Adam Katz & NAJ JAMAÏ

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