This is where I get personal. My personal struggle with toxicity.....

Let’s get personal.

In the last email, we discussed how common toxins are (and often missed) in your everyday life, and the negative effects they can have on your quality of life.  If you missed the first email, head to our blog here. 

Today, I’m going to share a little bit more about my personal story.
I’ve dedicated my professional life to deep research, personal application, and building two businesses based on providing women safe, non-toxic health and beauty solutions. 

So, of course, I didn’t think toxicity would happen to me. And then it did.

Big time.

It changed my life forever.

Here's what happened.

In 2012, I started to feel “off,” and I wasn’t sure why. I was dealing with recurring sinus infections, and my stylists at the time were getting odd reactions like bloody noses and eczema.

Long story short, I discovered the silent “something” affecting us all was MOLD!

Mold is a silent killer that hides in homes, office buildings, and schools, causing many of us to feel awful without knowing why.

For me, it was my business and home with 5 years of low-dose exposure. 

Many living with autoimmune symptoms can understand the diligent and long journey of searching and healing.  

Did you know? 
Suzanne Sommers (anti-aging guru) contracted a fungal infection from hidden mold in her luxury rental home -- which was misdiagnosed as cancer? 

But for many women, everyday symptoms mentioned in my first email go un-attended and chalked up to being busy, over-worked, lack of sleep - just pick your flavor. 

Back to YOU.

Low level exposure is...


 Because of our individual genetics and lifestyle choices, we all handle toxins differently.   

Remember this common symptom list? 

I know, the "toxins conversation" can feel abstract, or disconnected to your daily life.  Especially if you're not someone who's easily triggered.

But this is WHY it's more important than ever to learn how to identify and reduce toxins in our life.  

While more people are aware of toxins, awareness doesn't = action, and ACTION is what's needed to shift exposure levels.  Simply start with one cleaning product, a food item or a negative thought pattern. 

The power is within your hands
We live in a chaotic and uncertain world. The world is bigger than we are with a ecosystem we cannot always control. BUT, what we can control is our own experiences to life and how we react in the world around us.

Here the thing, we are now approaching detox and weight loss season.January is the primo season to set a new mindset. 

The Hidden Dangers of Toxic Mold with Dave Asprey


If you've heard of "Bullet Proof Coffee," then you know about Dave Asprey.
Who's Dave Asprey?

Dave is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur guru who spent 15 years and $300,000 recovering from illness experienced subsequent to a Mold exposure in his home.  

His Bulletproof blog essays and videos frequently focus on the debilitating effects of toxins in food, and his coffee and other food products are guaranteed to be low in mycotoxins.  His documentary movie on environmental illness – titled “Moldy” was released in June 2015.

Click here as Dave explores the world of mycotoxins and mold in areas you'd never guess with Daniel Vitalis.

Head over to our next blog entry as we launch our NEW and TOP SHELF event launch!  Cheers, I hope you had a personal 'ah-ha' that will continue your individual journey to beautiful health. 

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