Taking Toxins...time to get serious.

Hello Beautiful, 

I want to start a discussion on something that’s important to all of us - leaving no one behind.

The topic may seem scary, overwhelming, and confusing, but it’s critical to understand.


We need to talk about toxins.

All women need to know that having health concerns does not make you a hypochondriac, hysterical, or worthy of being dismissed of your concerns at your annual doctor's visit. 

It seems kinda silly to put all that effort in to upgrading our diets,  self-care rituals, and fitness habits, but fall short on addressing toxins. 

Watch for my next email as I let you in and get personal about my own recent struggle and experience with toxins.   For now, let’s learn a little bit more about toxins and how they affect all of us.

On Status Quo
Change requires awareness and too many women are used to feeling unwell and living with the painful effects of a toxic system while remaining unbalanced in their thinking, emotions, hormones and physical health. 

It's in the numbers
You see, we are exposed to an unprecedented number – and crazy combinations – of environmental toxins every single day. The EWG has found that newbornsalready have nearly 300 environmental toxins in their blood at birth! 

Combine that with the approximately 515 chemicals you come in contact with during the day, you can imagine by the time you hit your 20s and beyond, our bodies have been steeped in environmental chemicals! 

Outer Stressors
These chemicals come from herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, and artificial ingredients in our foods. Invisible to the eye, toxins exist as pollutants in our air, water, cosmetics, medications, vaccinations, household cleaners, and furnishings, and cars.

Inner Stressors
Did you know that our bodies create toxins when they break down the hormones and stress chemicals they produce?

Your inner biology is equipped with natural detoxification systems. 

What goes in must come out....but does it?
To understand how to best manage exposure, a lesson in metabolism teaches us that the  toxins are known to be metabolized via several pathways that include the kidney/urine and the liver. We also know that toxins have a high affinity for fat, and are stored in the adipose/fat tissue. 

Your liver does most of the work, but detoxification also requires that your bowels are moving well each day to get rid of the “garbage” the liver has processed.  


Here's the issue….
Even though your body is equipped to keep you detoxed, we’re exposed to so many chemicals at once that our bodies can get overwhelmed by toxic loads and need some extra daily detox help.

As a Functional Medicine health coach based on natural methods, I see women weekly in my salon/spa who are suffering from health conditions associated with environmental chemical overload and impaired detox pathways.

Evidence based testing
I test my clients for chemicals and other whole-health baselines, and I often find a common thread: many people are deficient in a optimal inner-biology ecosystem needed to effectively protect and detoxify from the overloaded harmful buildup of toxins leading to a myriad of symptoms. *Ask me about our Beauty Imprint Test.

I’m sure you’ve felt it.  

Do any of these warning signs sound familiar?

In closing...

The landscape of information about toxins are changing, fast.  

The last thing I want you to feel is confused, overwhelmed, or paralyzed. 

Not on my watch, ! 
So "HELL YAH" and "Good bye Debbie Downer!"

Let's ban together, kick chemicals to the curb and do away with the myths, buzzwords, and straight up misconceptions.

Watch for my upcoming email as I get a bit personal.  

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