Raise Your Game: Brow Threading With Taylor


The question I am asked most frequently is what is this phenomenon known as threading? Threading uses a string to remove hair and is a great option for anyone, especially for those with sensitive skin. While waxing tugs on the skin, threading only removes the unwanted hair and has little contact with your skin so it doesn't lead to irritation. That's right ladies and gents, no more redness for hours after a wax, leave your eyebrow shielding hat and concealer at home! Attention to anyone using a topical prescription or skin thinning medication (accutane, retinal, ect) DO NOT WAX. If you are using any of these, your skin will lift leaving you with a luminous red scab to pair with your freshly waxed, beautifully shaped brows!

Now that you have a better understanding for what threading is, let's talk about the experience and what to expect.

No brow game, without the pain - but it's bearable! Depending of the skills of the Esthetician and your tolerance threading feels like tweezing multiple hairs at once.

Assume the position - You will be asked to pull the lid of your eye and the skin above to keep the skin from pulling into the thread. The tighter the skin, the less it hurts!

Shape up - Don't forget to be specific with how you want your brows to be shaped but don't be apprehensive to ask for guidance! For example, I will always show you how your natural brow shape should frame your face by looking at your facial structure and advise you to grow them out if looking a bit sparse or short.

A little thing called trust - The experience can either make or break an appointment. Trust your gut when you walk into your appointment - is it clean? Does the Esthetician seem qualified and knowledgeable? You should be comfortable and at ease that you will leave feeling fulfilled knowing that your brow game is strong. With that said, skip the threading kiosk.  If you are anything like me when approaching a kiosk, my feet begin to make longer strides and that piece of lint on the ground just became a lot more interesting. Avoid eye contact and run. Run for your life, run for the sake of your bold beautiful brows! Who knows, the kiosk threading lady could be the next big thing in the brow industry but for now let your Esthetician at Beauty Ecology give your brows the TLC they deserve.

Eyebrow threading is by far the least invasive form of hair removal, that creates the most desirable brow with clean, well-defined edges. Take your brows to a whole new level and make you next appointment with confidence, you must never underestimate the power of a good brow.


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