Maximize Your Summer Glow

Summer is the season to embrace glowing skin that screams health and beauty. Here are a few tips to turn heads and optimize your sun kissed glow:

The foundation to all Good Things

The key to a flawless complexion starts with a little thing called primer. Using a primer will act as a barrier between skin and makeup to help skin look smoother and pores look smaller. Apply Evoq's tinted UV Primer, with built in SPF 35, helps even skin tone and prime the skin for foundation.

Shine in all the right places

Start by mixing a small amount of cream or liquid based highlighter into your foundation. Personally, I love a liquid highlighter. I find they blend much more easily to help you create a natural finish. After your foundation has set into the skin for a few minutes lightly dot and blend more of the illuminating product to the high points of the face such as the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and your cupids bow to create natural looking highlights.

Sun kissed goodness

Lightly sweep bronzer beneath your cheek bones, starting with a little and build with color as you go. This will help define the structure of your face. Try using a bronzer with a light iridescent shimmer to provide a subtle glisten

Natural Lip

Allow your beautiful skin to be the main focus! There is nothing more lovely than a nude lip next to sun kissed skin. Choose a nude with a pink or brown undertone to enhance your natural lip color. Try using a lip oil (a small amount of Evoq youth renewal oil or any light facial oil works just as well) to get a light weight, super-shine lip.

Finish the look with a mascara.


**Pro Tip** If you are noticing your summer glow is starting to fade, try applying sunless tanner (We love Evoq's Sunless Tanner!) to your face and neck to refresh your bronzed look. 

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