8 Gorgeous Fall Hair Colors To Try

All photos via pinterest

All photos via pinterest

Man those leaves are turning mighty fast! Have you caught yourself saying that this week? Last week, on the radio, I heard that between 25-50% of the leaves in Northern Minnesota had started to turn. I guess, now that the leaves have started to change in the Metro area, I have to believe it! Oy!

As the season of pumpkin spice begins to unfold, a lot us us begin to think about changing to our fall/winter hair color. For the last few years, neutral to ash tones have really taken the stage (they are still hot for fall thanks in part to the Gray/Silver trend), but we're now entering the seasonal equinox of shift and we cannot let the itch of change get away!

 It's FALL, let your hair down with these quick color trends. 

Bringing back the golden girl

Finally, warmer colors are starting to resurface for us golden girls -- enjoy golden and coppery tones  and enhance your skin tone health as we edge out the cooler tones. 

Just a touch of subtle dimension

Highlights that are not super noticeable but create movement and texture in the hair. You simply cannot go wrong with this enhanced highlighting volume and touch of dimension - it's low maintenance and beautiful on every hair color! 

So, let us nourish your hair with our plant enzyme based hair color* and create your dream hair color.

*Here at BE, we use one of the cleanest hair color lines on the market. It's free from ammonia, PPD, gluten and other unsafe ingredients. Our hair color is so nourishing that it doubles as an intense treatment for your hair, leaving your locks fuller and shinier than before. And, for those who have experienced reactions to traditional hair color, our hair color has one of the lowest reactions rates. It's a win-win! 

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