Charcoal Mask + Detox

The word on the street is that charcoal is the new black. Activated charcoal is the latest and greatest ingredient that has so many uses internally and externally. Here is everything you need to know about activated charcoal and ways you can use it right at home.


What it is?

Common charcoal is activated when heated with the presence of gas that causes the charcoal to develop internal chambers. These chambers help the charcoal draw out and trap impurities. Most commonly found in capsule form, activated charcoal is known to absorb 100 to 200 its weight and impurities. If this pitch black product isn’t intriguing enough, the beneficial properties will have you hooked.


What are the benefits?

Activated charcoal’s ability to absorb toxins within the body makes it an excellent natural ingredient to purify and cleanse. Perfectly paired with your seasonal body cleanse but also excellent to ease an upset stomach or bloating (this should only be done occasionally and 2 hours before/after meals, as activated charcoal can diminish your body’s absorption of vitamins/medications). At Beauty Ecology, we love to blend it into a mask with Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile soap. The absorption abilities is an ideal light exfoliant and skin purifier and has also been shown to relieve bug bites and whiten teeth.


How to use it


Activated Charcoal Face Mask



2 capsules Activated Charcoal capsules

1 Tsp of Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap, or any gentle cleanser

Combine all ingredients and mix together using a non metal tool (cotton swab, also can be used for application).  Apply to clean face and neck avoiding eye area and allow to dry completely, about 10 minutes. Once dry, rinse thoroughly until face and water is clear. Pat dry with clean towel and embrace the feeling of flawless fresh skin. Follow up with facial oil or moisturizer. Feeling as if your skin has a nice light glow even days after this treatment? You can thank the Activated Charcoal for that!



Activated Charcoal Lemonade



Juice from 1-2 lemons

2 cups of filtered water

2 drops of lemon essential oil

1 Tbsp Agave

2 Capsules of Activated Charcoal

Warm water on the stove. Remove from heat, add the lemon juice and place the rest of the lemon into mason jar (Zest a portion of the leftover lemon for additional flavor). Pour the warmed lemon water over the lemons in your mason jar, allow to steep for 20 minutes. Remove lemon wedges and add lemon essential oil, agave and Activated Charcoal - Mix well, drink chilled,  enjoy!




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