Get Volume & Tousled Curl in 5 Minutes (hair hack)

Ok, I have to be honest - even coming from a gal that loves all things hair and it's artisanship - read on because when it comes to hair and getting ready for work in the morning  ... WE HEAR YA SISTA.  

By the time you've decided what to wear, grab your coffee in hand and put on what little makeup you can manage,  there is no room for FUSSING with A.M hair.  

Put down the dry shampoo, honey.   Until it's acceptable to leave the house looking like a wild animal (no, not your fabulous patterned J Crew ankle pants), Holly and the BE Team is here to deliver a BEAUTY LESSON (awesome quick hair hack).  

One of the most common styling questions I get as a stylist is how to create a sexy and tousled soft curl.  


Client:    Can you turn the chair around so I can see how you're curling my hair?
I can never get it to look like that!  
What size of curling iron do you use?"


Personally, I don’t recommend curling your hair with a flat iron to achieve the same look, because they never seem to turn out quite as full and 3rd degree burns are never necessary.

Best Tools: Use a  1.5 to 2 inch curling iron or a wand for curls as tousled and natural looking as these!

Let's break it down as our master stylist, Holly, gives you the deets on a 5 MINUTE DIY. 


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Thank you, Holly for the awesome hair tips!  

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