Bleach Free Blonde Solutions

Welcome to the Next Generation of professional highlighting that sustains your hair health & brass free - beautiful tone. 

Beauty Ecology's evolved coloring system has lead the natural salon coloring technique and industry for over 12 years by integrating sea-based enzymes, premier quality European derived pigments combined with our unique Vivabond technology that encompass signature Forces of Nature for rebuilding and protecting the core layers of the hair for strength, shine and longevity.

The transformation is evident as our guests express their happiness and satisfaction on an investment leaving their hair far less damaged. 

Continually researching and exploring the 'best of the best'  coloring systems - I can honestly say I believe we have the BEST PERFORMING and SAFEST color solution on the market.   

More and more women are seeking to preserve the integrity of the hair, scalp and incredible color tones with healthier alternatives. 

A question often asked is - "do you use bleach?" 

Yes, there is no way around lifting hair color without a high lift lightening system to get to a desired brilliant blonde tone.  It's what you use, how you formulate and starting place of your hair's health that must be taken into consideration.  

The NEW Alternative to Bleach.

Your regular bleach highlights at BE have been swapped out for a safer solution with the newest high-lift player in town (literally).  

Get Better & Brighter Blonde with BE's Clay Based Enlightener

Keep your blonde with the most gentle and effective clay based  enlightening system combined with sea enzyme developers that give you extraordinary results and the most advanced care for healthy, beautiful hair.

Breakage over time is caused when peroxide developers and/or over-processing swells the cuticle until it bursts - with no return in sight. 

Clay, bleach and processing.


What goes UP - must come DOWN.  
Depositing color pigments brings dimension, while lifting melanin from the hair allows brightening.  

Mastering beautiful BLONDE hair is full of nuances, thoughtful formulating, color chemistry, and clear communication with a client.  

Come INTO THE LIGHT.  The key players and how they work. 

It takes 2 to tango.  Our hand blended sea enzymes apply far less pressure when under the cuticle layer, resulting in healthier hair and superior results.  

Your colorists at BE utilizes mineral rich natural clay, seed oils and amino acids that seamlessly encompasses the hair in a hard shell, to protect, locate melanin and lift efficiently.  

WHY Enzymes versus Hydrogen Peroxide

Enzymes are gentler than ordinary peroxides. When mixed with our pigments, the reaction allows lifting and depositing color with less damage so your end state results are rich in vibrant tone and last longer.  

More specifically....

Enzymes are much smaller in their molecular shape and size so there is far less pressure when adjusting the cuticle's layer and life (with NO bubbling or explosion), therefore they reduce pressure to the shaft and scalp.  Repetitive shock to the scalp can cause hair loss and scalp sensitivity, so this is very important.   

It's all about the pH.

The goal in depositing or lifting is a end result of fully closing down the cuticle, locking in the color so reds are brighter, browns are richer, and blondes are more vibrant. 

To preserve cuticle integrity -our color and clay is completely



  • ammonia
  • DEA 
  • PPD
  • dyes
  • sulfates
  • phthalates
  • gluten
  • parabens
  •  1,4-dioxane
  • neurotoxins
  • aluminum compounds
  • formaldehyde 
  • propylene glycol
  • carcinogens


Mineral Rich Clay Complex
Seaweed: like a protein + mineral rich shake for your hair, it infuses hair with health, strength and vitality
Argan Oil:  imparts softness with added moisture
Safflower Seed Oil: calms and soothes the scalp while strengthening hair follicles
Amino Acids: to protect, repair and re-strengthen cuticle
Guar: protects, calms, conditions and restructures the hair



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