Breaking Barriers. Calling ALL TRUTH SEEKERS.





Today we explore the barriers unique to women.....


Work.    Life.     Spirit.     Skin.

  I could sense you next to me.

Hi there!   As I started writing this series, I found myself slipping into visions of you literally sitting right in front of me. 

It's in your nature.
Human nature is full of patterns and rituals and all of us are influenced by this right down to your unique genomic cellular DNA.   

Read it to the end. 
By intentionally finding small moments of quiet, we realign ourselves with nature's rhythms and we move closer to balance and reverent confident peace.

 Hey, do you have a hard time focusing?

I know you can probably relate to having a revolving checklist of everyday tasks and what 'not to forget."    Personal remind me text messages?  Right?

Unleashing cognitive potential in a hyperconnected, multitasking world.

Passionate for women supportive communities and setting high standards living quality of life and happiness - consider my time with you as a silent but powerful accountability partner, always reminding both myself and you -  to root back into our best intentions that bring better clarity, critical thinking, smarter investments with strategies captured through trust and truth. 

This is fascinating.... let's start with "Attention Residue"  

If right-tasking is like swimming, then multitasking is like treading water; you might stay afloat but it doesn’t get you anywhere.

WHY Obsessive Social Media Kills Productivity.  

* A Startling Brain Fact * 

The moment our 'state of flow' narrowed concentration is distracted to that "bright and shiny thing," it takes 25 minutes to get back into the state of FLOW.  

Meet the Brain Master, Cal Newport  
Through the discovery of MIT Computer Science Expert Cal Newports "Deep Work" book, we learn how distractions NEVER allow us to fully tap into our cognitive abilities.  

The Deep Work Hypothesis: 
Deep work in our digital economy is rarer, yet at the same time, a precious skill of utmost value that brings us a 10 fold.  Finding more FLOW allows us to boost productivity and feel more fully present in all areas of our lives.

A Psychological Argument for Depth
Newport relies on psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi who popularized the description of the mental state ‘flow’. In his research, the more flow experiences in a given week, the higher the subject’s life satisfaction was.


Women are brilliantly and wonderfully made, but this also brings unique curses we experience on many levels.  It's built into millennia of mankind. You may not have words for it, but you sense it.   

*** Barriers block us from being our true self that beams with confidence is happy and full of vitality (to better serve those around us).  

*** Barriers keep us from becoming and staying true to ourself. 

Your inner body intelligence.
We all share an innate attribute known as our “inner-body intelligence”  which embodies and serves our mental, physical and emotional well-being.

However, unaware of it - beliefs and patterns block us in the ability to connect to this incredible intelligence because we’re disconnected from a focussed mind (better decisions with unfiltered beliefs) and our bodies’ due to a persistent breakneck pace of our modern lives.

Turning it around. 

Both our personal (little voice) and outer judgment towards others  (insecurities, projections) are damn right nasty, cranky and very narrow-minded, rooted in fear and usually is not intentional. 

A very close friend of mine once stated that the number one gift to bestow is DISCERNMENT and empathy as a close second.   


Because true discernment requires you to get outside of judgment, ego, manipulations and narrows the focus and ability to listen to the needs of the those we are in a relationship with. 

Truth Bomb:

Discernment fundamentally wants to see clearly because it wants to see light and a life-giving continuum in progress.  

Moving Towards Trusted Discernment & Low Hanging Fruit

We all seek that long over-due joy, vitality, and exuberance for life.

Our fast pace takes us to the easiest route, trigger symptoms as we skim through life, we feel overwhelmed and frustrated with cutting through the CRAP to avoid going all over the map.

Y’know… things like…

- Following your intuition when you know something within you is not quite right

- Finding skin care that really WORKS with the most effective key nutrients that are most bio-available, safe and trustworthy. 

- Eating the right foods– healthier hormone balance, all that “confusing” menopause jargon. 

“Quick and efficient” is NOT always what it appears to be.  

Shortcuts leave us with low hanging fruit short of life' rich flavors we could potentially have if we took that deep "ah-ha" insight one step further to asking the right questions in that next "stem cell skin serum."  ($$$$)

Sometimes (many times) we have to take a step back.

And sometimes we have to do a complete U-turn.

In the nuances around optimizing the process and understanding aging, feeling full of energy,  to hormonal balance– I see this all the time.

Which brings us to a U (YOU)-Turn Moment!

What is in front of us is never perfect, nor elusive, but lies in the cracks and crevices of our smile and lives every minute of the day.

 To be beautiful is a commitment to one’s self. There comes a time when we have to look beyond the mundane, Facebook obsessions, to stop critical thoughts and pinpointing ridiculous judgements and move towards acceptance.


Ritual. Reunification. Rhythm

Putting Strategy into your Skin Care Solutions

I know that you’re savvy on choosing less toxic ingredients, but is what you’re investing in truly transforming your skin at the cellular level where it matters for skin health and regeneration? 

A New Way of Beauty
The world of natural skin care is now mainstream and operates under a repressive approach by utilizing the “Attack Method” — fighting the body, fighting wrinkles, fighting acne, fighting aging.

Skin is no exception to this rule of nature; it  bestows its own natural biological rhythms.  The skin’s own ecosystem changes through season, hormonal shifts, stress and environmental exposures. 

Skin Chronobiology proves there are precise rhythms influenced by it’s ecosystem. The rhythms are orchestrated by the clock genes. These give a tempo to the cell, orchestrating and effecting more than 20 percent of our gene expression.

Evoq Skincare breaks through the skin's barriers in a gentle manner, providing an accurate delivery system.   

In the next email dialogue  I send you, we’ll be going back to Beauty Biology School and learning about BARRIERS, it’s purpose, how to keep it healthy and the incredible way it serves you.   

Truth matters. It interweaves in our genetics. 
Truth links us to compassion, action, connection, communication, consideration, and accountability.

“Being your true self is the most effective formula for beauty there is.“ 

Love, Kassandra

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