STOP GUESSING, would you?

It's about time, I say.  

Life's been exhilarating and very busy, which brings a higher level of discipline and getting really serious about focusing on taking action.

On doing what matters.

Because you've landed here (thank you), I know you're passionate about your wellbeing and nutritional choices that are tailored to your body's individual needs, but are you giving your skin the same thoughtful approach?

Look forward to next post I'll  go over more key insights on THE most clinically studied SUPERS collagen and cell-rejuvenating skin care ingredients you can add to your daily ritual to reduce unnecessary skin inconsistencies and aging.

So tell me....


 Are your natural go-to skin products diluted with 80% water and laced with marketing ingredients?

Quit being DUPED, darling.   
Most commercial moisturizers are made up of primarily water and fillers with the smallest amounts of active materials.  POOF! The water absorbs quickly and leaves you with the same fine lines, patches and parched skin. (Ugh...)

Are your "natural" products doused with synthetics and tricky chemical names like triethanolamine or Vitamin A  that are irritating your skin and actually causing inflammation - resulting in cellular degradation (unhappy collagen + elastin fibers)?    

The truth is, most of us are cutting ourselves short (and our telomeres) daily on setting ourselves up for short and long term Health + AGING. 

I hear ya, sista!  "Duh" - a messy lifestyle of kids, work and fitting in play?  
No room for deepness and nuances.  (I live in this, biology, pathogens and peptides...)    


SIMPLY PUT, the secret to aging well is for your skin to be
able to heal and repair itself.  Yup. Super Simple.  


Like you, I don't like to waist my time (or damn hard earned money).  

The Craft of Small Batch Curating.
As a passionate formulator, I start with the premise in perfectly curating the most available and effective delivery methods and innovative technologies (void of any synthetics that age the skin).

The results you soak up (and confidently walk away with)
Evoq's bio-actives (skin affinitizing) are well researched and packed with the purest Forces of Nature's most precious ingredients that go skin deep; where it counts with our liposomal delivery systems.

STOP GUESSING AND WAISTING TIME (and your pocket book).

Step # 1. 

Ponder and do a little critical thinking versus trigger purchases and build a little bit of 'beauty biology' knowledge over time.  

Critical thinking?  
Over 10 years of obsession?  Sh$t doesn't slide past me! 
Good news for YOU!   I already figured out (and never stop) the pieces to the puzzle.

I bottle these critical "pieces" up so you can build your beauty biology  with the proper fit (down to your skin’s receptors) for repairing and maintaining the most radiant skin. 

Stay Tuned.

 I've been in the cosmetic creative kitchen and over the next year we'll journey down your beauty and health pathology equipped with easy road maps of where we need to focus and what to throw out, alright?

So again, I say Efficiency

Allow me to take the burden off your plate, share bitesize and fun decoded information so future investments in your overall wellness decisions feel more effortless and less guessy- guessy.

No more missing pieces.

It's really about getting off auto pilot and putting strategy, critical thinking into your inner-outer beauty + care + OH SO YOU everyday rituals.

All for now lovely - catch me on instagram until we meet next! 

-BE Well.  Kassandra

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