Color the Cut. Get unstuck & where we start.

the spirit of hair

Hair is a malleable and a living thing; it has its own life and I’ve learned to observe it, understand and interpret it,  and enhance it’s natural state of health so it can return to its individual flow and movement.  
— Kassandra

Hey Hey! 

I know you'd agree...  a fresh new cut and color gives a new outlook can absolutely change how we feel.

"But how do I decide what cut and color works best for me?" 

You don't have to have all the answers. 

Style and substance is our obsession

At Beauty Ecology, our professional stylists value your individuality  -  


 [ It all starts at the... Foundation FIRST. ]
The condition and texture of your hair is the starting point - always with a goal to restore it's cuticle integrity. 

Without it, color fades, split ends multiply and you're left with a dull devitalized appearance.    

[ All in check, next is a STRATEGY.  ]

We consider your unique:

hair growth patterns

face shape



level of maintenance  

trends and inspiration

 [ Then there's your MOOD. ]

Color has the versatility to shift a cut or overall.

For example, highlights brought underneath the part line and around the face can brighten and remove reddy overtones in your skin.

Whereas a solid color can make a strong statement that is bold.  

 Framing Accent Highlights

 Framing Accent Highlights

 Color Tweaks to POP your Best Features

warm golden-toned highlights bring out green eyes

warm golden

 icy-cool blonde showcases a porcelain complexion


honey highlights enhances brunette color & brings warmth to the skin


NOW, play to your strengths with this KEY TAKEAWAY!

In 2 Steps, determine WHAT'S THE BEST CUT IS FOR YOU!

COLOR THE CUT - How our color is different. 


100% Coverage

ZERO harsh chemicals

Longer Lasting

Body Building



Minimize breakage, hair loss and dull color.
Hand blended with Enzyme Marine Therapy (versus peroxide) protects and strengthens essential vital components lost with aging and everyday stressors while you color. 

The After Care
As a formulating addict and artist, your hair is always set with the fundamentals for scalp health as well as  premiere natural ingredients designed to help protect, condition and enhance your hair color.

Sustaining Hair Health takes ACTION.
Be sure to invest in an insurance policy to help hold the color and not wash it (and your moola) down the drain.   GO damage free with Treat & Protect. 

Now that your juices are flowing - Ready to Rid the Rut?

Get Sexy by Nature + Shiny Hair-YO! 

All Evoq Professional Hair and Skin Solutions are made: 
Free of Synthetic Preservatives
Free of Synthetic Fragrances
Cruelty Free
Made with Organic Ingredients
SLS Free
Made in Small Batches
Wild-crafted and Food Grade

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