Will I get high? How CBD + THC Are Play Buds.

HELLO, my fellow wellness seeker! 

As a holistic lifestyle and beauty educator, confusion about food (diets), supplement and product choices for optimal health and beauty never appears to wane.

The same has been true for my more recent side hustle as a cannabis supplier/product creator. Because medical marijuana is novel to Americans and perception of cannaphobia, it makes sense that people are completely curious and confused about all this buzz. 

Even though MN is a non-legal Marijuana state (recreational), there is a large population seeking  medical help from cannabis  medical providers, and equally CBD users seek CBD for everyday therapeutic support. 


We know a lot about THC and we're quickly learning about CBD. Out of about 400 [compounds] we know a decent amount about two. 

That means there's a lot to learn about which compounds might contribute to psychoactive effects and which might potentially have medical uses.

Common and Uncommon Cannabinoids

The most famous cannabinoid, THC, is largely responsible for marijuana's ability to get users high. Cannabidiol, CBD, is the next best known — it seems to be important for many medical uses of marijuana. Researchers are testing to see if CBD can help reduce anxiety. It also plays  a role in pain relief and several of the other known medical uses of marijuana.
But those are still just two components of the plant.

Most common question: does medical marijuana get me high?

A few facts.

  • Medical marijuana is cannabis that you purchase in a dispensary and/or by a health care provider in states where such sales are permitted.  
  • It’s the cannabinoid THC in cannabis that is responsible for the high feeling.
  • CBD does not get you high, rather this cannabinoid dull the high effect of THC.
  • Medical marijuana strains with higher amounts of CBD than THC are less likely to get you high.
  • Most states require labeling of marijuana cultivars to indicate the ratio of CBD:THC in its products so you're aware.

In conclusion...

Many chronic health issues have inflammation as an underlying cause.  If CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory agent, that tells us that CBD is a primary player in healing chronic disease by reducing inflammation.   THC is not always needed for benefits.  If you do dose THC, combining it with micro dosing (taking a small amount of cannabis), CBD-dominant cultivars are less likely to make you high.

Cannabis is truly personalized lifestyle medicine!

Warmly,  Kassandra

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