Two Quick Mid-summer Style Ideas [tutorial inside]

This summer has been pretty dang steamy. 
I hear ya (and every client that enters my chair)  ...

"Kassandra, my hair is SO DRY!" 

I'll clue you in on the why and how humidity zaps your locks later, but for now let's cool down with some quick mid-summer styles!

 [ The Top Knot Half Bun ]

top knot.jpg

The Half Bun is a easy way to style for any season and works great on chin length to collar length hair.   

It's especially great for that wash and go summer look!  It's best when the hair has a slight bend or wave to keep the look modern.  

This can work on second-day, late in the day or at the beach hair. 


Side-swept Braid ]


This is a great look for a fast early-morning style for work, an evening out or for a go-to style while at the beach or pool. 

Side swept braids are mostly reserved for longer hair lengths, certainly doable for a medium length side sweep. 

Shampoo and condition hair the night before and allow to air dry while sleeping to give your hair a un-tamed look.  

The tutorial may be a bit advanced, but it's a general tutorial for braiding hte bang area back and combining it with the longer mermaid braid. :) 

For hair left out, add a few bends and waves, perfect for this not-meant-to-be perfect style. 



STAY COOL!   xo Kassandra

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