⚠️ Amazon & CBD. Fake or fo-real?

Alright, ladies and gents.

If you've shopped CBD you know exactly how frustrating, confusing and daunting it can be.

Today I'm talking AMAZON. I love Amazon for my two-day impulses, although CBD is not one of them. As tempting as it is, here's what you need to know about FAKE CBD on any website - including Amazon.

- CBD & Amazon -

While it may seem convenient, CBD oils sold on Amazon have been heavily criticized for a myriad of reasons. More often than not, these oils are actually hemp seed oils with confusing marketing claims or have accusations of not containing the amount of CBD they claim.

Honestly, I am not only referring to Amazon here. I'll loop in other mass-selling CBD sites developed from deep pockets who have purchased "CBD" inclusive URL domains - flooding their site with "cheaper" products and pretty marketing.

Simply put, it is near impossible to decipher if the products have been tested and produced legally, if they are black market or fake CBD products.

One key metric to look for is the active source of "hemp."

What’s the Difference Between Hemp Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, and CBD Oil?

* Hemp seed oil is a hemp-derived oil that is being sold as a food product or dietary supplement. This oil contains beneficial fatty acids but does not contain any cannabinoids.

* CBD oil from hemp starts with different material- the mature hemp bud.

Understanding How “CBD Oil” on Amazon Works

Amazon’s terms for sellers do not allow the sale of CBD oil, so if you search for “CBD Oil” on Amazon, you will get many “hemp extracts.”

This labeling terminology is confusing and is being more widely adopted by legitimate CBD oils because of the regulatory environment around CBD and the purchasing power (and expense online."

Many low-quality CBD products have made their way onto Amazon with this workaround. It is important to be aware that these products might even be well-rated because of the ease of paying or trading free products to people for positive reviews. Sketchy sellers are all over on Amazon and know how to take advantage of the platform to make their products appear trustworthy.

The “Best” CBD Oils on Amazon…your guess is as good as mine.

Mission-driven CBD companies don’t sell their products on Amazon. Like Evoq's CBD collection, they stay in control with their own websites.

So Are Amazon “Hemp Oils” Any Good?

There are some CBD products on Amazon, but Amazon CBD oils are not worth the risk when real CBD products can be purchased from manufacturer websites that are backed by compliance.

In Conclusion

Can you feel the mounting concerns about Amazon selling CBD with unknown product origin and safety?

This is serious. Hemp is a remedial plant. It readily takes up heavy metals and contaminants from the environment. When CBD oil is made, the plant extract is concentrated. This means that pesticides and environmental contaminants become concentrated as well. Even trace residues can end up at unsafe concentrations in the final product.

Net net: Fake CBD oils on Amazon are not going anywhere soon. There is so much potential profit in the growth of the CBD market - that bad actors will go to extensive lengths to make money from the trend.

As a sole female-owned company, that artisanally formulates CBD tinctures for consistency, highly active cannabinoid saturation and no noticeable biological effects - this is a passionate topic of mine - for the health and safety of my clients and loyal Evoq consumers.

How to make sure you are buying real CBD Oil:

- Do not shop by price. Quality CBD is found through intentional research, not who pays for the most pay-per-clicks. Got ya- here.

- Certificate of Analysis. Reach out and ask for it to validate there are no pesticides, microbials, etc.

- Make sure you're getting true CBD "active cannabidiol" and not diluted CBD with MCT oil or hemp extract.

- Trust your instincts. It is nice to find bargains, but lower than standard prices are a red flag that there is a reason the price is so low.

All my love! Contact me for any questions about which CBD tincture or topical is best for your needs!

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