THIS JUST IN..... CHANGE you're going to LOVE at Kasia!

Kasia Organic Salon

THIS JUST IN..... CHANGEyou're going to LOVE at Kasia!

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In Gratitude  ...

Have you recieved your $20 OFF your first Ammonia Free Hair Color?

...don't forget your $20 OFF your first Organic Custom Facial with our Skin & Wax Specialist, Sara!

With Love, from

Kasia Organic Salon

THANK YOU to all of you who came out for Spring Clean Mineral Makeup...Makeovers!

If you were scootin' out of town for the holiday, please call us for a FREE 20 minute consultation/lesson in how to detox old goods, and bring in the health, NEW!

Check out this brief  piece on as it is a very nice review from Lisa Ansell at

Let us MAKE IT SIMPLE AND EASY for you.... Learn more here for Tips & Tricks! Schedule your FREE Healthy Makeup Consult Today!

Recieve 10% OFF a Mineral Application Brush w/ Purchase of any 20SPF Loose Mineral !

We promise our "beautiful health" lotion is void of  toxic preservatives and maintains integrity without sacrificing.

Why is Kasia SUNSHIELD is part of only 8% of Sunscreens on the market, considered SAFE?

FACT:  There are few active sunscreen ingredients that effectively block both  UVA and UVB rays.  Kasia uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which are the only ones that are both safe and effective for UVA and UVB protection and  do not penetrate the skin but block or reflect the sun.

Hit List to AVOID! Sure, avoid Parabens, but take extreme caution in avoiding sunscreens with.........Learn more about our NEW LOOK & Revised Packaging. Find us on Facebook

LOVE YOUR DUDS with Kasia Chemical Free SUDS

What if there were a natural laundry alternative that actually grew on a tree and could replace commercial detergents for good?
Kasia USDA Certified

so-berry-licous Fresh Soap Nuts!


WHY? Traditional laundry detergents have a major negative effect on our environment and our bodies.

Just think of it?  No more stacks of boxes of detergents, all purpose cleaners, specialty cleaners, doggy shampoo, body wash, soap cartons. These are just a few of the many items that soap nuts will replace, Informed Beauty!

* Hypoallergenic if you have sensitive skin, especially safe for children and babies.

Kasia soap nuts (actually a berry from a tree!)  are:

*anti-microbial, so it fights dirt, but also eliminates mold, fungus, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria. Use the same 4-5 Berry Clean soap nuts for 4-5 washes, and then toss them on your compost pile.  "Yes, conscious consumer, they are bio-degradable."

If you do have "debby downer doubt" ...we will be providing a USDA Organic Stain Remover for the slithers of spaghetti!

Best Yet.... Savings! $$$$ .13/load   VS  conventional .32/load

All of thee above will be ready come second week in June.  Please call

(612.824.7611) for an appointment or updates, and remember.....our SUNSCREEN IS IN! Find us on Facebook

Thyroid frustration and hair loss?  Want to add some sassy volume to that beach hair?

The HUNT for Damage Free Extensions has ended!
Kasia Salon is extremely excited!  Sunday is the day...of training with the Platinum Seamless Hair Extension Trainer Faatemah! ("think Shear Genious!....experience with clients including Ebony, Working Mother, Bride magazines...etc.) with 16 yrs of Extension Experience.

*Customized to suit the your needs!  Paper-thin and weightless, virtually undetectable, so much faster than other applications, and easily removeable. Whether you want long..., luxurious locks or just to fill in certain areas of your current style or even add color and dimension, Platinum Seamless are great for everyone!

Kasia Tid-bits and Snippets

Mane Nutrients - Nourish a NO Fail Folicle

Our HAIR is a great indicator of a person's general health. Research has shown that hair suffers significantly under the pressures of stress, environmental toxins, excess alcohol consumption, lack of sleep and poor eating habits.

LEARN MORE about Dietary decisions and ridding toxic habits here to restore your mane!


Cherry Lemongrass Bloom Sencha Green Tea.....infused Kasia Beautiful Health Tea.

Learn More HERE about FLAVA over ICE!  Just in time for Summer BBQ!

20% OFF Nontoxique Cuticle & Nail Balm Through June 9

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