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Is your Hair Color Toxic?

As of late, the Kasia Organic Hair Team has encountered  increasing numbers of new guests that have sought out our Ammonia Free Hair Color services due to experiencing  previous un-ease, aesthetic discomfort, and allergic reactions of hair dying.

This brings me to shedding some LIGHT on this topic, as it is becoming common, and  in my opinion, many more women are starting to experience this, but it is "underground."

"What to do - where to go - new hairstylist?  what about my....Routine...."

There can be several kinds of reaction caused by hair dye allergy. Most commonly the reaction appears on your face. Listed are the most common allergic reactions that are caused by hair dyes.

*Dermatitis around/on the face.* Facial Swelling

* Bumps on face  * Headaches    *Rash  * Itchy Scalp  *Burning


Your Investment and Common Ingredients

* The culprit behind these reactions is a common chemical ingredient that is used in  hair dyes, called para-phenylenediamine, or PPD.

*PPD is actually found in a good quantity which is more than two-thirds of commercial dyes. The case is the same for many of the in-salon brands.

* Allergic reactions to PPD was such a severe problem that it got banned from hair dyes in France, Germany and Sweden.

Our Young Women

Market research shows more people are dyeing their hair and at a younger age. One survey in 1992, by a soap and detergent association found 13 per cent of school girls used hair coloring products, along with six percent of womens.

By 2001, the numbers had soared, with two out of five schoolgirls dyeing their hair and almost nine in 10 young women.

"Furthermore female high school students and young women were dyeing their hair at shorter intervals.

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Additional Harsh Compounds to AVOID in your Hair Color Investment

Not only do  "other" hair coloring services strip away the natural moisture and oils from the hair and scalp, break down the hair shaft, but they also put your health at risk.

Say NO to Ammonia * A strong irritant for skin, eyes and lungs.   * A suspected carcinogen.

Say NO to Ethanolamine (MEA) * A toxicant for the immune, respiratory, reproductive, neurological & nervous systems. * A carcinogen.

.....Final Remarks

Though an allergic reaction to hair dye may be relatively rare, death from cancer is less rare. The National Cancer Institute suggests that one out of five of all cases of non-Hodgkin`s lymphoma among women are due to women`s regular use of commercial hair dye products. This is the disease that killed Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, who used the more damaging darker dyes. Breast, bladder and other cancers are also linked to the use of these toxic ingredients.

Whichever type of hair coloring you decide to use, drink lots of water. If the product contained any chemicals, plan to daily (lifestyle detox) after the coloring. That way, you will at least rid your body of some or all of the toxins you just put into your bloodstream.To learn more about efficiently detoxing, learn more about our NEW INFRARED SAUNA.

Learn more and optimize your coloring results in avoiding chemicals that reduce the strength and integrity of your hair, increasing breakage, split ends, brittleness and fading.

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