Why We Need To Remove Toxic Chemicals From Our Bodies

We live in a toxic world.

By simply avoiding toxic chemicals in your home and specifically taking an action that removes toxic chemicals from my body, one should experience these improvements:

* sleeping more deeply and getting a full night’s rest * waking up refreshed and rested

* having good energy, but not hyper

* clear mind

* feeling happy and cheerful

* feeling like I have the energy to do whatever I want

* digestive tract improvement

* suddenly scheduling evening social activities instead of resting

* getting a lot of work done

* not feeling stressed

* don't feel like I'm "slogging through the mud"

* eyesight noticeably better

* wanting to go for a walk instead of making myself exercise * increased strength and muscle development without exercise * feeling more alive and vibrant * skin is very soft and smooth, a noticeable change

* lost six pounds in one week with no exercise or change of diet

* feeling like I can take on more and bigger projects

Avoiding new chemical exposures in my home got my body from being disabled to functional, detoxing my body to remove the chemicals stored in my body from past exposures is bringing my body closer to its natural state of good health.

Our Toxic World

We can take control of the toxic chemicals we are exposed to at home, but the minute we walk out the door we encounter all kinds of toxic chemicals from pesticides spraying, automobile and commercial vehicle exhaust, airplane exhaust, incinerator emissions, manufacturing smokestacks and other industrial sources. As soon as we walk into a building, we’re likely to be hit with toxic emissions from building materials, carpets, pesticides, and cleaning products.

And the world has been toxic for at least as long as I’ve been alive. Rachel Carson wrote about the poisoning of songbirds by carcinogenic DDT in 1962, when I was seven years old. But researchers had already found residues of DDT in human fat in 1944. Before I was born, DDT had already been detected in Antarctic penguins living thousands of miles from the locations were the pesticide was being used.

In 2005, Environmental Working Group established that toxic industrial chemicals can be transferred from mother to baby before birth via the umbilical cord blood, proving that babies are now being born contaminated with toxic chemicals. But babies didn’t start being born contaminated in 2005. I suspect now that I was born contaminated way back in 1955. Toxic chemicals were already in consumer products and the environment then. We just didn’t know about them or their devastating effects.

So even if we remove toxic chemicals from our homes—where we have our greatest and most immediate toxic exposures—we still have already been exposed to toxic substances for most or all of our entire lives and continue to be exposed to toxic chemicals out in the world each day.

This is just the reality of today’s world. There is no place on Earth that is 100% pristine, nor any product that is 100% pure.

We cannot avoid 100% of toxic chemicals that exist in the world today.

But until we remove toxic industrial chemicals from our Earth, there are things we can do to protect our health from this onslaught of poisons.

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Your Body's Detoxification System

To sustain life, our body systems need inputs of food, water, and air and--equally as important—they need to eliminate wastes. When we don't eliminate wastes from our bodies, it's like having the garbage in our homes pile up because we haven't put it outside in the garbage can to be taken away. Not a very pretty sight either way.

Many millennia ago, when our bodies were designed to flourish in the larger web of life, the only wastes the body had to deal with were natural ones:

* metabolic wastes generated by body functions * foreign invaders, such as bacteria, viruses, mold, pollen and other natural materials * natural poisons, such as spider and snake bites, and toxic chemicals in smoke

Because our bodies need to eliminate things that don’t belong in them, they have natural systems of purification and elimination to keep the whole body system running smoothly. Toxic chemicals enter the body through being injected into the skin (such as drugs), ingested through the mouth (such as pesticides in food), absorption through the skin (such as chlorine while taking a shower or swimming in a pool) and inhalation through the nose (such as toxic chemicals in cleaning products). Toxic chemicals then enter the bloodstream, which carries them to all parts of the body. Then they exit the body through the kidneys via urine, through the liver via bile which goes into the intestines and leaves the body through feces, through the skin via sweat, and through the lungs as we breathe.

How toxic chemicals in consumer products and in the environment affect the health of your individual body depends entirely on the condition of your body’s detoxification system.

Body Burden

If your body’s detoxification system is not working well, or is insufficient for the amount of chemicals you are exposed to, then the toxic chemicals that come into your body will not be excreted, but instead will be stored in your fat, semen, breast milk, muscles, bones, brain, liver and other organs.The total amount of these chemicals that are being stored in your body at a given point in time is called your “body burden.”

Various chemicals move through your body at different rates. Arsenic, for example, is mostly excreted within 72 hours of exposure. Some pesticides can remain in your body for 50 years. Of course, how quickly chemicals are removed from your body depends on the condition of your body’s detoxification system and the amount of toxic chemicals you are exposed to. When you are continuously exposed to toxic chemicals, more toxic chemicals enter the body than can be removed by your detoxification system, and body burden results.

Approximately 80,000 industrial chemicals are used in the United States. We are exposed to these chemicals through the consumer products we use and from the air, water, and soil pollution put into the environment by their manufacture.

Scientists say that everyone alive today is contaminated with at least 700 toxic chemicals in their bodies. It doesn’t matter where you live or what you do. Just being on this planet, every body is contaminated.

In recent years it has become abundantly clear that we are being exposed to more toxic chemicals than our bodies can eliminate. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now monitoring the body burden of the US population, taking samples every two years.

EPA biopsies of human fat show that 100% of human bodies have carcinogenic PCBs, styrene, dichlorobenzene, xylene and dioxins stockpiled in their fat.

The condition of your detoxification system determines how much of each chemical is eliminated from the body versus how much is stored, and where in the body it is stored.

Toxic Overload

Quite simply, in today's world

health = the amount of toxics we are exposed to + our body’s ability to detoxify

For good health the ratio should be less exposure to toxic chemicals than the capacity of our bodies to detox.

But for most people the ratio is more exposure to toxic chemicals than the capacity of our bodies to detox. Not only is the volume of toxic exposures greater than our natural capacity to detox, but our natural capacity is diminished by the toxic chemicals as they harm and overwhelm detoxification organs such as liver and kidneys.

Our bodies simply don’t have enough “detox ability” to handle the amount of toxic chemicals we are exposed to.

What We Can Do

When toxic chemicals build up in our bodies because our bodies are not able to eliminate them, we need to give our bodies some help.

There are two things we can do.

1. Reduce our exposure to toxic chemicals, at least in our own homes and workplaces. 2. Remove toxic chemicals from our bodies by a) Improving the functioning of our bodies’ detoxification systems and b) remove toxic chemicals directly from our bodies.

By taking these actions, we can give our bodies the best chance for good health.

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