Kasia Featured in MPLS Picks and MPLS Monthly Magazine! What's steamin' Hot?

What LOVE we've graciously received coming into February at Kasia!

Kasia Organic Salon featured in February's MN Monthly Magazine as a "TOP 10" feature for 2011 "Beautiful Health"   "just have TO-DO's."



in Minneapolis Picks!

Pick up a copy and read about our Infrared Sauna Service!

Download our Top Benefits Sauna HERE!


Feeling "BLAH?" What is HOT about the Sauna!

The modern lifestyle exposes us to  many synthetic and chemicals that  build up toxins in our bodies.  I think we agree we could use some help encouraging our bodies to detoxify.

Detoxify your body with the healing nature of heat. Offering you a truly unique experience, Kasia Organic Salon and Sunlighten Far Infraed Sauna help to expel toxins from your body all while doing from the privacy of our personal sauna room.

The sweating benefits from the Far Infrared Sauna are incredible. It allows your body to use its natural sweating process to remove heavy metal, bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses from your body. It improves your flexibility, cleanses your pours, improves circulation and relives pain.

Help your weight-loss accelerate . A 30 minutes session can burn up to 600 calories during this rejuvenating process.

sauna dome

STRESS FREE!  After the session you will feel a profound sense of relaxation, making this an excellent way to manage stress as well.

Burns calories, helps control weight, enhancement your skin tone, relief of stress and fatigue, and more!

Purchase a Package of 10 ( 30 minute) sessions and SAVE $110!

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