TRENDING: Celebrity Short and Sweet Hair Cuts for Style and Ease

Be INSPIRED!  A new array of celebrities, such as Pamela Anderson and Kristen Chenowith, have embraced the short hair trend by trading in long, flowing locks for short and chic styles. From long bobs to jawline-grazing cuts to stylish pixies, cropped hair is growing in popularity on red carpets and the streets alike.


Recently, actress Jennifer Aniston was spotted leaving a hair appointment with a brand new, short, bob-like haircut. According to Aniston, the cut was a result of a treatment gone wrong, but that hasn't stopped the A-lister from pulling off the look gorgeously.


Beyonce made waves when she debuted this short, pixie look on Instagram. Since then, the singer has been seen sporting varying lengths, including an asymmetrical bob and a curly, shoulder-length style on stage.

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Jennifer surprised her fans with her new, short cut.

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