Spill The Bag - Carina

We are so excited to share our new series, Spill the Bag! This month we are taking a look into Carina's bag. 

Since I'm usually running from work to a family gathering or heading out to date night, I need a bag where I can stash my stuff that I need for the work day and for an evening out. Here are my essentials: 

1. Lint Roller: I love animals but it's the worst to be covered in fur all day. 

2. Planner: I love to see everything planned out and check things off my to-do list. I can't believe 2017 is right around the corner! 

3. Gum: Extra is my favorite gum brand and who doesn't love fresh breath?!

4. Lip products: I love a bold lip color and these colors are perfect for finishing out summer. 

5. Snacks and a drink: I'm always hungry or thirsty so I keep a little bag of almonds to nibble on and a can of La Croix (I try not to drink pop) or bottle of water in my bag. 


Thanks, Carina, for letting us peek into your bag! Now we want to know: what are some must haves for your bag? 

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