Let Drink & Close the Bar Down! Meet Your Supers.

Let's DRINK!  

As in....


A Cold Pressed Supplements for your skin. 

The BAR (graph) is found below!





In this Beauty Lab Session, we'll [CLOSE] on our skin barrier series.

Topic at hand?   
(and seriously studied solution)

 Antioxidants & Free Radical Damage  

1.  How to defend the stressors that create OXIDATIVE STRESS
2.  The critical INGREDIENTS TO RESCUE and sustain your outermost dermal layer for supple, strong and protected everyday skin radiance.  


Speaking for myself,  I like supportive data that validates proof to the truth.

1. Quality ingredients
2. Innovative technology
3. long-lasting formulas
4.  and some damn dewy skin!

There’s plenty of reasons why our Herbacious Synergy Super
is a bestseller and worth drinking up.  (GLOW)


First things first, high-class. 

Free Radicals & Electron Theft

Free radicals are the by-products of oxidative reactions in the body that **take electrons from other molecules to stabilize themselves.**

This causes cell destruction (aka. advanced aging and inner-health decline). 

Our Modern Lifestyle & Oxidative Stress

There's  no way around it. 
The body's in a constant state of repairing cellular damage.  

Optimal cellular health comes down to addressing the seen and unseen catalysts consisting of environmental pollution, UV/UVB,  personal care products laden with harsh chemicals, off-gas from hair color and more.

These result in symptoms like:  

  • skin and hair damage with no return
  • thinning hair
  • accelerated aging
  • infertility
  • anxiety and depression
  • fatigue
  • neurological disorders
  • allergies
  • cancerous activity

 Pro-active topical support is Essential to Restore Cellular Health.

It's true. This is why all Evoq Skin Essentials are formulated with an abundance of antioxidants from the purist extraction methods possible to assure matrix repair for your chance to achieve softer skin and outer glow.


Supplement your skin - on the daily. 





FACT:  1 Skin application of our clinically proven dermal repair oil = 5lbs of berries for instant skin repair.

Which brings us to the "bar" (see below) and.. 




1.  Omega {seed oil} Antioxidants: 
 - lipids that neutralizes free radicals.

Evoq's Clinically Studied Seed Oil Skin Complex  

*Organic Black Cumin Seed, Organic Red Raspberry Seed, *Organic Cranberry Seed, *Organic Chia Seed, *Organic Carrot Seed, *Organic Sunflower Seed.

2.  Alpha Tocotrienols + Tocopherol (Vitamin E)
 -stabilized antioxidant isomers that results in reduced appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and prevents the appearance of age spots.


One by One

Each oil alone improves skin tone, fine lines, wrinkles, elasticity and firmness.





 The 10X Clinical Study.

SUPER-SEEDS greater than the sum of it's parts. 

These seeds are the nutrient powerhouses of the plant with a mother lode of oxidative stress protection and repair.  

It's ALL in the SYNERGY.

Our biomimetic delivery guarantees a cellular resurrection and transformative through high antioxidant repair of up to 10, 20 and even 40 times or more than any 1-2 oils applied individually.    (***See graph below.)

The Patented Extraction Method for Purity and Nutrient Preservation
Vital nutrients, essential fatty acids, trace minerals like zinc, magnesium and calcium are as powerful as they were the first days of life.

***The right hand side of this graph shows the result of our Youth Renewal Blend antioxidant output value. 

Pretty incredible, right?     So, how about that drink? 


Quench and replenish with cold pressed oils rebuild your skin matrix to hold in hydration and block out inner-outer dermal damage.  

Meet Your Match Maker

Did you miss our previous series  - Get the archives! 

We  [CONNECTED] and broke down barriers on the intricacies of being a woman and we launched how we impact the health of our skin through everyday lifestyle patterns.  

We then last chatted on how to increase our skin's ability to take in and [CONVERT] nourishing collagen and elastin transformative dermal actives.

At BE we strongly believe education is the best form of organic empowerment.

Part of our mission is to inform the beauty industry professionals and customers alike of the dangerous toxins lurking in all products and the lack of transparency which allows the use of toxins to continue - and worse yet, be hidden.

We are sharing our knowledge and holding nothing back about the serious health impacts linked to these harmful impurities in order to help you to protect yourself and your loved ones. - Kassandra, Founder

Decoding Dry Skin: Skin Barrier 101 & Biorhythms





Skin is the filter through which we sift and absorb all that surrounds us. Changes in climate, pollutants, medications and other skin stressors upset its delicate composure, and can bring about unwanted changes.

Skin is permeable, and as mercurial as our moods.

Back in our previous dialogue we CONNECTED and broke through barriers that the modern woman faces in our fast paced lives and the power of deeper connections (mind + body + soul).  

I also hinted to a CRITICAL MISSING PIECE when it comes to optimizing your skin health and slowing the tic-toc on PREMATURE AGING.

Now that we've connected, join a Healthy SKIN CULT as we CONVERT you to a prepared and paved terrain that leads you to your most HAPPY CELLS.  (healthy glow-yo)


Today's topic:  


"Ok...so these are DECENT ANSWERS, and I'll give you partial credit." 

Great habits, but slightly off-target when it comes to the bottom line.

So what's the the ANSWER?

To "nurture the daylights out of your deepest dermal layers!" 
Tell Me. 

Is your product diluted with water as the first ingredient?

Invasive synthetic actives causing irritation by forcing the skin?

Molecularly too large to penetrate for true transformation?

Laying the RULES of FOUNDATION. 

So here's the problem darling.  

Chances are, your natural product purchases are NOT being delivered at the  level where it matters for transformative collagen and elastin regeneration. 

Elements need to be absorbed by the deeper layers of the skin - but this first requires transforming them into a state that your beauty biology can readily recognize.

After the age of 35, the amount and capability of skin lipids decrease significantly, which is why we are more prone to dry skin, wrinkles and sensitivity as we age.

 Right Place. Right Time. Done Daily.

Taking it from the TOP  for -- mo’ better and brighter skin! 


to build our skin’s dermal health for a strong cellular framework resulting in volumized and dewy skin....

If your skin's fabric structures are plagued with ‘short term’ fillers or synthetic chemicals -- your healthy skin goals desired -- will be stunted.

 Chemicals, water and synthetics makeup ingredients hove over the skin and actually pull out your skin's natural moisture barrier.

To get fit and fresh skin success, let's grab the pieces that build our skin’s dermal health for a strong cellular framework resulting in volumized and dewy skin. 



When your structure is compromised, you experience symptoms like:

1. Loss of hydration in the deeper layers of your skin which can no longer work.

2. Your skin is damaged and dries out = spots, redness, flaking eczema  and premature aging of the skin.

Setting the STAGE and revealing WHATS BEHIND THE CURTAIN.


The skin's biome and ecosystem changes through season, hormonal shifts, stress and environmental exposures.

While helpful to know your skin "type," and we help you do just that, we suffer from being able to slow down and be in-sync with our beauty biology's inner ecosystem and natural bio-rhythms.

Setting the Stage - 
Foundation First

Your skin’s outer layer, the stratum corneum, contains cells embedded within what is known as a lipid matrix.

Lipids are natural fats that surround skin cells to protect against water loss from the inside, and bacteria and allergens from the outside.

Dry, sensitive skin occurs when the natural moisture barrier of the stratum corneum becomes disrupted, leading to loss of moisture and penetration of irritants, causing dryness and sensitivity.

  • maintains hydration, firmness, and softness  
  • minimizes water loss and is essential for strong, healthy, hydrated skin. performs 3 important functions
  • traps water molecules and prevents the passage of water leaking out called Transepidermal Water Loss (leaky bucket) 
  • prevents environmental chemicals and biological irritants from entering skin




The skin’s own ecosystem changes through season, hormonal shifts, stress and environmental exposures.  But are they delivered and well received - at the cell level where it matters for skin health regeneration? 

The Studied Science - What's your rhythm?
Chronobiology studies biological rhythms and is a law of nature that all living things live according to precise rhythms influenced by it’s ecosystem and external time factors such as the day/night cycle.

Aging & Clock Genes
For your skin, these rhythms are orchestrated by the clock genes. These give a tempo to the cell, orchestrating and effecting more than 20 percent of our gene expression.


 A biorhythm is a 24-hour cycle or pattern that our body undergoes, shifting between day and night -- and our skin responds to these shifts. In today’s age of constant technological access, artificial lighting, and busy schedules that result in dysregulated sleep patterns, chances are, you aren’t even aware of your biorhythms, and they’re probably out of sync.

Daily stressors, the high energy visible (HEV) light emitted by our laptops and cell phones, getting less than 8 hours of sleep, and routines interrupted by travel or a chaotic schedule can all result in your biorhythms becoming “out of whack.”

When that’s the case, your body is not in its optimal state to repair itself, maintain health, and perform its natural functions that maintain a youthful appearance. Skin becomes dehydrated and wrinkles early, while you may experience skin irritation and your skin may lose its elasticity more quickly than can be attributed to aging alone.

Breaking it Down & Building Strategy

     Enough chatter... Ready to build?

Next we'll reveal bring our series to a CLOSE with Evidence-Based Solutions to Fix Dry, Dehydrated Skin, Forever. 


Get in touch with our team today!  

At Beauty Ecology, we help you

Email Hello@beautyecology.com    Text: 612-386-4044

How to Increase Digestive Health with Essential Oils

Our health depends not just on what we eat, but on the optimal function of the digestive system to digest, absorb, and assimilate nutrients and efficiently eliminate waste products.

This optimal digestive cascade can only occur in the relaxed “rest and digest” parasympathetic state of the nervous system. When the body is in stress, it drops into the sympathetic fight-or-flight state to flee from danger and shuts down all functions that are not necessary to survival, including the digestive system.

In ideal circumstances, our digestive system is the primary channel for carrying healing nutrients and energy into the body. Unfortunately for many of us, the cumulative damage of processed foods, GMOs, chemically-treated water, environmental toxins, increased stress, and not eating in the parasympathetic state have impeded the optimal function of our digestive systems.

When our digestion is compromised, it’s challenging to assimilate nutrients through the digestive tract. This is one of the reasons that many people continually test low for nutrients like Vitamin D, Vitamin B, Zinc, or Iron, despite frequent supplementation.

But the good news is that even if the front door to healing—the digestive system—is partially blocked or closed, the body does have some back doors to access the system. These backdoors are the sense of smell, known as the olfactory system, and the skin.

Essential oils are uniquely suited to open these backdoors, bypassing a compromised digestive system to offer the healing we’ve been looking for.

Essential oils stimulate the parasympathetic “rest-and-digest” state.

Digestion actually begins with the brain. The smell of food triggers the brain to send signals to the gastrointestinal tract, triggering the parasympathetic digestive cascade. This parasympathetic response is activated by the vagus nerve, one of two extremely long cranial nerves that extend from the brain through every organ of digestion in the abdomen.

It is the vagus nerve that triggers all the parasympathetic responses, including the digestive cascade, which includes:

  •   The mouth releasing saliva to help break down carbohydrates.
  •   The stomach releasing stomach acid to help digest proteins more completely.
  •   The pancreas releasing digestive enzymes.
  •   The gallbladder releasing bile to support fat digestion and detoxification of old hormones.
  •   The small intestine absorbing and assimilating nutrients. The parasympathetic state triggers peristalsis, the muscle contractions that move food and waste through the digestive tract. A lack of motility can lead to microbial imbalances, like IBS, SIBO and candida.
  •  Large intestine relaxing the sphincters for optimal elimination of waste. Inducing the parasympathetic state is a great solution for constipation issues. When we are in stress (sympathetic fight-or-flight state) or just being busy, the heart rate increases, blood pressure increases, respiration quickens, and blood flow is routed toward external muscles to help with flight in the case of an emergency. The blood flows away from internal organs of digestion, which essentially shuts down the digestive process.

Essential oils trigger the parasympathetic response.



There are several ways to trigger the parasympathetic state during meals, including mindful breathing, sitting in an upright position at the table, and consciously eating in a slow, relaxed way. Unfortunately for many of us, the stresses of life—physiological, emotional, work, family, relationships, environmental—make it challenging to fully relax.

Essential plant oils are uniquely suited to help people relax before meals for many reasons. We know that the brain needs nutrients, circulation, and stimulation. The latter element, stimulation, is the hardest to provide through diet alone. This is where essential oils, with their unique abilities to reach the inner-brain through nasal pathways and stimulate the nerve endings in the skin (which connect to the parasympathetic nervous system) fill a critical void.

How to use essential oils to trigger the parasympathetic state for optimal digestion.

Your skin, your largest organ, is relatively permeable to fat-soluble substances like essential oils. The molecules of essential oils are so small that they can pass through your skin into the capillaries and quickly be absorbed into the bloodstream. One study found that the constituents of topically-applied lavender oil were measurable in the blood within 20 minutes, and stayed in the blood system for up to 90 minutes.

This transdermal channel is the reason nicotine patches, motion-sickness patches, and hormone creams work. The transdermal channel also bypasses the stomach and liver, both of which chemically alter the therapeutic effects of drugs and essential oils.

To receive this benefit for digestion, apply essential oils behind the earlobe on the mastoid bone, where it is most accessible to the surface of the skin.

Essential oils can be miraculous for healing by themselves, but when combined into blends they often emphasize the best characteristics of each single oil. For example, I combine clove oil, which is highly stimulatory and contains high levels of the compound Eugenol, known for impressive health benefits, with lime essential oil, known to have the smallest molecules, allowing it to easily permeate the skin. When combined, these two oils form a powerful remedy that quickly stimulates the nerve endings in the skin and the triggers the vagal nerve to drop us into the optimal “rest and digest” state.

By triggering the shift into parasympathetic state, all downstream digestive function improves optimizing digestion, absorption, and assimilation of nutrients necessary for the healing you’ve been looking for.



Resource: Elephant Journal/ Flickr

Breaking Barriers. Calling ALL TRUTH SEEKERS.





Today we explore the barriers unique to women.....


Work.    Life.     Spirit.     Skin.

  I could sense you next to me.

Hi there!   As I started writing this series, I found myself slipping into visions of you literally sitting right in front of me. 

It's in your nature.
Human nature is full of patterns and rituals and all of us are influenced by this right down to your unique genomic cellular DNA.   

Read it to the end. 
By intentionally finding small moments of quiet, we realign ourselves with nature's rhythms and we move closer to balance and reverent confident peace.

 Hey, do you have a hard time focusing?

I know you can probably relate to having a revolving checklist of everyday tasks and what 'not to forget."    Personal remind me text messages?  Right?

Unleashing cognitive potential in a hyperconnected, multitasking world.

Passionate for women supportive communities and setting high standards living quality of life and happiness - consider my time with you as a silent but powerful accountability partner, always reminding both myself and you -  to root back into our best intentions that bring better clarity, critical thinking, smarter investments with strategies captured through trust and truth. 

This is fascinating.... let's start with "Attention Residue"  

If right-tasking is like swimming, then multitasking is like treading water; you might stay afloat but it doesn’t get you anywhere.

WHY Obsessive Social Media Kills Productivity.  

* A Startling Brain Fact * 

The moment our 'state of flow' narrowed concentration is distracted to that "bright and shiny thing," it takes 25 minutes to get back into the state of FLOW.  

Meet the Brain Master, Cal Newport  
Through the discovery of MIT Computer Science Expert Cal Newports "Deep Work" book, we learn how distractions NEVER allow us to fully tap into our cognitive abilities.  

The Deep Work Hypothesis: 
Deep work in our digital economy is rarer, yet at the same time, a precious skill of utmost value that brings us a 10 fold.  Finding more FLOW allows us to boost productivity and feel more fully present in all areas of our lives.

A Psychological Argument for Depth
Newport relies on psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi who popularized the description of the mental state ‘flow’. In his research, the more flow experiences in a given week, the higher the subject’s life satisfaction was.


Women are brilliantly and wonderfully made, but this also brings unique curses we experience on many levels.  It's built into millennia of mankind. You may not have words for it, but you sense it.   

*** Barriers block us from being our true self that beams with confidence is happy and full of vitality (to better serve those around us).  

*** Barriers keep us from becoming and staying true to ourself. 

Your inner body intelligence.
We all share an innate attribute known as our “inner-body intelligence”  which embodies and serves our mental, physical and emotional well-being.

However, unaware of it - beliefs and patterns block us in the ability to connect to this incredible intelligence because we’re disconnected from a focussed mind (better decisions with unfiltered beliefs) and our bodies’ due to a persistent breakneck pace of our modern lives.

Turning it around. 

Both our personal (little voice) and outer judgment towards others  (insecurities, projections) are damn right nasty, cranky and very narrow-minded, rooted in fear and usually is not intentional. 

A very close friend of mine once stated that the number one gift to bestow is DISCERNMENT and empathy as a close second.   


Because true discernment requires you to get outside of judgment, ego, manipulations and narrows the focus and ability to listen to the needs of the those we are in a relationship with. 

Truth Bomb:

Discernment fundamentally wants to see clearly because it wants to see light and a life-giving continuum in progress.  

Moving Towards Trusted Discernment & Low Hanging Fruit

We all seek that long over-due joy, vitality, and exuberance for life.

Our fast pace takes us to the easiest route, trigger symptoms as we skim through life, we feel overwhelmed and frustrated with cutting through the CRAP to avoid going all over the map.

Y’know… things like…

- Following your intuition when you know something within you is not quite right

- Finding skin care that really WORKS with the most effective key nutrients that are most bio-available, safe and trustworthy. 

- Eating the right foods– healthier hormone balance, all that “confusing” menopause jargon. 

“Quick and efficient” is NOT always what it appears to be.  

Shortcuts leave us with low hanging fruit short of life' rich flavors we could potentially have if we took that deep "ah-ha" insight one step further to asking the right questions in that next "stem cell skin serum."  ($$$$)

Sometimes (many times) we have to take a step back.

And sometimes we have to do a complete U-turn.

In the nuances around optimizing the process and understanding aging, feeling full of energy,  to hormonal balance– I see this all the time.

Which brings us to a U (YOU)-Turn Moment!

What is in front of us is never perfect, nor elusive, but lies in the cracks and crevices of our smile and lives every minute of the day.

 To be beautiful is a commitment to one’s self. There comes a time when we have to look beyond the mundane, Facebook obsessions, to stop critical thoughts and pinpointing ridiculous judgements and move towards acceptance.


Ritual. Reunification. Rhythm

Putting Strategy into your Skin Care Solutions

I know that you’re savvy on choosing less toxic ingredients, but is what you’re investing in truly transforming your skin at the cellular level where it matters for skin health and regeneration? 

A New Way of Beauty
The world of natural skin care is now mainstream and operates under a repressive approach by utilizing the “Attack Method” — fighting the body, fighting wrinkles, fighting acne, fighting aging.

Skin is no exception to this rule of nature; it  bestows its own natural biological rhythms.  The skin’s own ecosystem changes through season, hormonal shifts, stress and environmental exposures. 

Skin Chronobiology proves there are precise rhythms influenced by it’s ecosystem. The rhythms are orchestrated by the clock genes. These give a tempo to the cell, orchestrating and effecting more than 20 percent of our gene expression.

Evoq Skincare breaks through the skin's barriers in a gentle manner, providing an accurate delivery system.   

In the next email dialogue  I send you, we’ll be going back to Beauty Biology School and learning about BARRIERS, it’s purpose, how to keep it healthy and the incredible way it serves you.   

Truth matters. It interweaves in our genetics. 
Truth links us to compassion, action, connection, communication, consideration, and accountability.

“Being your true self is the most effective formula for beauty there is.“ 

Love, Kassandra

STOP GUESSING, would you?

It's about time, I say.  

Life's been exhilarating and very busy, which brings a higher level of discipline and getting really serious about focusing on taking action.

On doing what matters.

Because you've landed here (thank you), I know you're passionate about your wellbeing and nutritional choices that are tailored to your body's individual needs, but are you giving your skin the same thoughtful approach?

Look forward to next post I'll  go over more key insights on THE most clinically studied SUPERS collagen and cell-rejuvenating skin care ingredients you can add to your daily ritual to reduce unnecessary skin inconsistencies and aging.

So tell me....


 Are your natural go-to skin products diluted with 80% water and laced with marketing ingredients?

Quit being DUPED, darling.   
Most commercial moisturizers are made up of primarily water and fillers with the smallest amounts of active materials.  POOF! The water absorbs quickly and leaves you with the same fine lines, patches and parched skin. (Ugh...)

Are your "natural" products doused with synthetics and tricky chemical names like triethanolamine or Vitamin A  that are irritating your skin and actually causing inflammation - resulting in cellular degradation (unhappy collagen + elastin fibers)?    

The truth is, most of us are cutting ourselves short (and our telomeres) daily on setting ourselves up for short and long term Health + AGING. 

I hear ya, sista!  "Duh" - a messy lifestyle of kids, work and fitting in play?  
No room for deepness and nuances.  (I live in this space...beauty, biology, pathogens and peptides...)    


SIMPLY PUT, the secret to aging well is for your skin to be
able to heal and repair itself.  Yup. Super Simple.  


Like you, I don't like to waist my time (or damn hard earned money).  

The Craft of Small Batch Curating.
As a passionate formulator, I start with the premise in perfectly curating the most available and effective delivery methods and innovative technologies (void of any synthetics that age the skin).

The results you soak up (and confidently walk away with)
Evoq's bio-actives (skin affinitizing) are well researched and packed with the purest Forces of Nature's most precious ingredients that go skin deep; where it counts with our liposomal delivery systems.

STOP GUESSING AND WAISTING TIME (and your pocket book).

Step # 1. 

Ponder and do a little critical thinking versus trigger purchases and build a little bit of 'beauty biology' knowledge over time.  

Critical thinking?  
Over 10 years of obsession?  Sh$t doesn't slide past me! 
Good news for YOU!   I already figured out (and never stop) the pieces to the puzzle.

I bottle these critical "pieces" up so you can build your beauty biology  with the proper fit (down to your skin’s receptors) for repairing and maintaining the most radiant skin. 

Stay Tuned.

 I've been in the cosmetic creative kitchen and over the next year we'll journey down your beauty and health pathology equipped with easy road maps of where we need to focus and what to throw out, alright?

So again, I say Efficiency

Allow me to take the burden off your plate, share bitesize and fun decoded information so future investments in your overall wellness decisions feel more effortless and less guessy- guessy.

No more missing pieces.

It's really about getting off auto pilot and putting strategy, critical thinking into your inner-outer beauty + care + OH SO YOU everyday rituals.

All for now lovely - catch me on instagram until we meet next! 

-BE Well.  Kassandra

The tricky signs of hidden histamines & how to reverse them. (life changing)

Welcome back to class as we continue to connect the dots on Histamines! 

Meet Flora.

florae \ˈflȯr-ˌē, -ˌī\
:bacteria and microorganisms in the body of humans intestinal flora.

While I would love to share how we infuse 'sea flora' in to our beautiful food-grade skincare line - today we're talking about the GUT (and much more). 

Think of your gut FLORA as an inner garden; just with any garden,– when you let the weeds take over, it get's a little ugly.


Beauty & Wellbeing  -  Begins in the Belly.

Hista What?

If you missed our first look at histamines, you can review it here.
For the cliff note version, continue to read below.


It's no wonder!  

Our gut is where 70% of the immune system lies, where we metabolize hormones, where we make enzymes, and where we make nutrients.  This is why what goes in our digestive system can impact our mood, health, brain and skin so profoundly. 

Proper nutrition and a gut clean up is the true root of healing for glowing healthy skin and a resurrection of healthy hair growth.  

FIRST, we take a FIELD TRIP back to understanding  the origin of Histamines and the role they play.

Histamines are essential.

Our body naturally makes histamine, but are also introduced through our diet.  Histamine can trigger common allergies, as well as play a essential role in helping us regulate sleep and digestion.

  The Two Enzymes that Impact a Histamine Imbalance

These two enzymes, especially DAO, bind & break down histamine, preventing excess histamine.

The Reaction:  When you are unable to metabolize histamine or eat foods high in histamines - allergy like symptoms can occur.  (ie: redness of the skin, hives, congestion or a runny nose, swelling, fatigue, diarrhea, and other symptoms)  can occur.

Getting to the ROOT


Diet and Lifestyle Choices

The Microbiome Connection
Your micro-biome and gastro health is critical.   This is where your natural enzyme diamine oxidase (DAO) production occurs.   * This enzyme is what breaks down histamines. * 

Leaky Gut
Histamine intolerance can occur without a leaky gut, but there is a common link to the release of particles in the body and blood - increasing leaky gut exacerbates and the symptoms of histamine intolerance.

DNA & Genetics
Histamine intolerance is partially genetic and people with certain genes seem to be more predisposed.

Predispo... - WHAT?
A genetic predisposition of poor methylation or unable to obtain the key vitamins (B6, B12, iron, copper and vitamin C) - causes symptoms flare up.

Gas, bloating and constipation?  Hypothyroidism + Hashimoto's + SIBO

What do these three things have in common?
They may be caused by SIBO which is correlated with the Histimine im-balance and thyroid production.   SIBO is an inflammatory condition in the GI tract and is caused by an overgrowth of yeast and bacteria.  50% of those with hypothyroidism have SIBO.

Here are a few hints of histamine high foods to avoid.   
Download this 'done for you' food guide checklist to create ease and clarity on your next field-trip to the store.  

  • Fermented foods  
  • Cow's milk and most cultured dairy (such as cheeses & yoghurt)
  •  Vinegar products (vinegar, pickles, ketchup, mustard)
  • Artificial colors + Artificial preservatives
  • Long cooked bone broth

Lifestyle & Nutrition Tips

  • Avoid eating canned foods and ready meals
  • Avoid eating ripened and fermented foods (older cheeses, alcoholic drinks, products containing yeast)
  • Avoid leftover meat products


*Cleanse + Favor Vitamin C
There's a good reason we use THE BIG C in our Evoq skin line.
It's a powerful antioxidant!  We’ve already schooled you on cleansing for spring (you can find it here).  

*How Vita C works? Rather than blocking histamine from binding to receptor sites ( what pharmaceuticals do), Vitamin C prevents histamine from forming in the first place. 

FIND A LOCAL HIVE.  Allergies are noticeably decreased by incorporating raw and local honey into the diet.  You can also get this through bee pollen. I love Premiere Research Labs Bee Pollen

This antioxidant can be found naturally in apples, onions and other produce. Research proves its an effective natural allergy remedy because it is able to lessen the respiratory side effects caused by inflammation in the airways. 

*Stinging Nettle
This plant is a common herb and shows its power in clinical studies revealing that 58% of people rated nettle as more effective than other allergy medications they’ve tried.

It's best when treating the respiratory distress and other symptoms often associated with allergies, primarily by blocking the action of agents causing inflammation and swelling. 

The following probiotics either contain histamine reducing or histamine neutral strains. Best strain? Probiotic that contains Bifidobacterium infantis and B. longum. 
*Liver Support
Supporting the liver with herbs like milk thistle, artichoke leaf, wasabi, and sarsaparilla.

*DAO Supplementation
DAO supplements supply the enzyme that breaks down histamine. 

This flavone is helpful in lowering inflammation, which is often at the core of histamine intolerance. According to a 2000 study in the journal of Pharmacology, luteolin has potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It also inhibits the activity of mast cells, which release histamine.

In studies, ginger has shown to inhibit histamine release and protect from peptic ulcers. As a culinary herb, you can easily add it to your diet and reap its benefits.

They have the unique ability to bring stress hormones up when they’re too low, and bring them down when they’re too high. So essentially, they always know what to do to keep your body in the proper balance. This dual action is what make adaptogens a fabulous option among histamine supplements.


Our *NEW* EVOQ CBD Curing Concentrate is built with 300mg of ACTIVE medicinal cannabinoids and Full Spectrum Terpene natural boosters to instantly calm and balance your immune system.


Hope you enjoyed and made it to the end!  

Consider specialized testing — such as organic acid, stool, gluten sensitivity and food allergy testing if the above strategies don’t help you get to the bottom of flora gut dysfunction. You might have to work with a Functional Medicine practitioner to effectively test and treat imbalances in your gut. 

NEXT we review how histamines effect women's everyday aging and the secret tools to fight back. 

xo Love + Health + Beauty      -  Kassandra

Stop overreacting! Are your allergies a misdiagnosis?

For some, the warmer weather is bliss.

For others, it means itchy eyes, fatigue, dry skin and endless "hachooo's."  

Yup...  allergy season.    BUT WAIT  ...

Your puffy, dark under eye circles and may not be from Pollen at all.


  • What is a histamine and histamine intolerance?
  • A Functional Medicine approach - getting to the root and how to reverse the reactions..
  • The hidden foods in your diet revealed.
  • The common "drug muggers" stealing your histamine + immune health.
  • Done for You - Guide to the top foods to avoid and add to your grocery list.
  • How everyday anxiety, fatigue and eczema could be linked to a lack of enzyme reaction.
  • Life changing 'ah-ha' tips and actionable blueprints for a better quality of life 


This topic is associated with many health and skin issues, so read on - it could be life-changing information for you. 

  • Pseudo allergies (fake mimickers) and how your seasonal allergy symptoms may be a misdiagnosis and really be a histamine reaction.
  • HIT ( not your 'high-intensity training' workout )- the real cause of Histamine Intolerance
  • Everyday lifestyle beauty blueprint guide to start the journey of identifying the culprits and easy everyday choices - even if you don't suffer from allergies. 


Let's hit the books and dive in!


Symptoms mimic the same as allergic reactions because of the involvement of the release of histamine in the body. It can lead to chronic inflammatory conditions. It's hidden in skin disorders such as eczema, unexplained skin rashes, and itchiness.


  • Allergies are an IgE mediated, histamine response to an allergen, i.e., pollen or cat dander.
  • Histamine Intolerance (HIT) is a toxic response by the body due to the excessive accumulation of endogenous or exogenous histamine from an inability of the body to efficiently breakdown histamine and hypersensitivity of cell antigen receptors.

Your immune system creates antibodies to fight these elements, prompting the release of HISTAMINES into the bloodstream. 

Histamine intolerance (HIT) comes from either...

  • making too much histamine or
  • the 'lack of' the body being able to properly break down histamines.

 Histamine tends to be the 'gansta' with a bad rap because it releases typical allergy symptoms. In reality, though, histamine plays a crucial role in many bodily processes.

We couldn't survive without histamine production, but like the perfect man - it can be too much of a good thing.

Your brain functions on histamine as a neurotransmitter, it releases gastric acid as it is the first stage of breaking down protein in the stomach.

Many healthy foods can cause issue over time.  For example, fermented foods can causs a genetic SNP in your enzyme gene pathway that hinders the process and causes histamine to build up in your bloodstream!

Did you know....when eating leftovers, you can produce too much histamines? The histamine is produced because bacteria act on your leftovers and produce histamine, then you eat it.

In my next email I will cover this in depth with an actionable guide around the most common "health foods" high histamines with a 'done for you' shopping guide.

Growing numbers are starting to take issue with producing the enzyme needed to degrade histamine- Diamine Oxidase (DAO).  

 You may have a genetic predisposition of poor methylation or the inability to obtain the key nutrient vitamins (B6, B12, iron, copper and vitamin C) to process histamines.

Common medications like antidepressants, birth control,  anti-inflammatories, laxatives (and more) are known as “drug muggers” which steal the nutrients needed to make the enzymes - which breakdown the histamines. 

 Addressing the REAL root cause of histamine balance, diet, improving gut microbiome, and assisting seasonal allergy environmental attacks will naturally help get the body back on track.

homework histimines


*A Happy Home. Create a allergy-safe and immune home and beauty space
Give your makeup bag and brushes a soak regularly, check windows for mold and clean out that A.C. filters. 

*Lock in moisture + Avoid chemicals in your beauty products.  
Histamines take a toll on your skin from the inside out.  **Stay tuned on my next insightful email on histamines and aging.  

*Stay hydrated
Drink up (sans lakeside wine) with H20 and a little lemon to alkalanize.    

*Thyroid and Hormone Havoc
The thyroid and histamine balance is commonly interrelated.  You may be one of the 50% of women that experience underlying thyroid disfunction causing depression, weight gain, fatigue and hair loss.   Hyper or Hypo? I shared a great short read on HOW TO TEST the THYROID.    

*Rest & Digest
Pursue relaxation and make it goal to get a good night’s sleep.

*Avoid Gluten
Gluten puts the immune system into overdrive. Try giving gluten a rest, or - stop cheating. (hug)  Get my QUICK GLUTEN FREE INGREDIENT DOWNLOAD LIST to avoid here! 

*Good-bye Puff Eye Beauty Hack!  Sleeping with your head elevated at night will drain fluids and decrease the puffiness in your face for the morning.

*Supplemental Immune Support
"CBD is proven to promote the formation of new immune cells and help to boost your body’s power to defend and heal."


Experience our *NEW* EVOQ CBD Tincture built with 300mg of ACTIVE medicinal cannabinoids and Full Spectrum Terpenes to instantly calm and balance histamine reactions and increase your immune system.


 Join our next class as we un-cover...

  • A curated list of key foods and diet that could change your life
  • The most common causes of histamine intolerance
  • The key supplements needed to assist the body in reversing reactions and getting back to vitality.  
  • Evidence based healing blueprint guides pertaining to - the BEST nutrition, supplements, and topical skin care choices for optimal wellness and quality of life. 

Connect soon!  

xo Love + Health + Beauty      -  Kassandra

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