Xenobiotics and Beautiful Health

Are you aware of what you are putting in your body or on your body? Do you know what most pesticides, herbicides and fungicides contain?

"NO?" Than you will be able to say yes by the end of this blog topic.safecosmetics_banner_4_15

Let's spread some light about xenobiotics, what they are, what they are in, how they have an affect on the body and burden it over time, the many diseases and disorders linked to them and how to detoxify your body from them.

What Are Xenoiotics?

Xenobiotics are a foreign substance, derived from petroleum oil, that originate outside the human body, have hormone like and estrogen like activity in the body, and thus a profound impact on hormone balance. The molecular structure of a petrochemical contains the basic "key" to the hormone receptor "ignition " of the cell switching on the hormonal action, thus behaving as potent estrogens.

How does this concern you?

Estrogen in general tends to promote cell division, particularly in hormone-sensitive tissue such as breast and uterine lining, this is why they cause cancer. Now there are several reasons why women in particular suffer from estrogen dominance, some of them being birth control, menopause, pregnancy, increased stress levels, etc. but without getting into that what I would like to do is recognize that in line with the already high levels of estrogen to progesterone imbalances people are suffering from, we are swimming in a sea environmental xenoestrogens (xenobiotics)

The longer these foreign substances stay in the body the more opportunity they have to do damage. The bottom line is that the body has to detoxify these chemicals every day and over time this can become a burden.

How do they get into our bodies?

One source of oral intake of xenoestrogens is by way of animal fats , particularly red meat and dairy fats. Not only are these animals exposed to estrogenic substances as a means to fatten them up for market, they are further exposed to petrochemical pesticide, herbicides, and fungicides, potent xenobiotics, by way of the grains they eat. Billions of pounds of these substances are dumped on our fruits and vegetables every year.

Other common sources of xenobiotics are found in:

· Solvents and adhesive found in nail polish, paint removers and glue

· Emulsifiers and waxes found in soaps and cosmetics

· Nearly all plastics (ex. baby bottles, Tupperware, water bottles, food wrapped or packed in plastic, medicines

· Waste from sewage treatment plants

· Synthetic estrogens and progestins found in the urine of millions of women taking birth control pills and hormone replacement therapy that is flushed down the toilet and eventually works its way into the food chain

What are some things you can do to reduce your exposure to these harmful substances?

Now that you have a better understanding as to how these foreign substances may be getting into your body lets explore some things you can do to reduce your exposure.

1. First take a saliva lab (this test the active form of hormones vs blood which tests the inactive) to find out the cycle of all your hormones.

2. Eat organic fruits and vegetables, the more we, as consumers, demand organic produce the more likely it will be grown that way. Studies show that organic fruits and vegetables contain 50-80% more nutrients than conventionally raised produce

3. Eat hormone free, antibiotic free, free range meats and dairy products. Toxins are stored in fats and keep in mind that "you are what you eat"

4. Use alternative ways to garden in your homes. There are several simple, easy and cost effective methods of organic gardening and pest control.

5. Because it is so difficult to identify which plastics contain high levels of xenobiotics assume all do. Eliminate all plastic from your house. Use pyrex glassware, stainless steal water bottles, get drinking water delivered to your house or use a filtration system, eat organic and hormone free foods, switch to essential oils or organic hygiene, and household cleaning products.


7. If you are on a birth control or Rx medication, start to educate yourself on what this does to your gut, immune system, hormonal system...your entire body! The body is a system of systems and nothing is linear when you take it.

8. Start reading food labels so you know what you are putting in your body. You would be surprised how much of what you eat is 95% chemicals!

Some arguments:

1. It is in such a small amount, which will have no affect on us humans?

What we are not taking into account is the many ways we are being exposed to the EVERY day of EVERY year. So it is not the small amount, it is the sum of the small amounts and the overloading of the detoxification system of the body that makes them so harmful.

2. How are we supposed to eat, heat things up, drink water out of, etc?

a. Eat out of: use pyrex glassware b. Heating things up: use stove top, toaster oven or oven c. Bottles: You can use bottles from SIGG or from Canteen.com, which are stainless steel. d. Water: install a sink, fridge or entire house hold filtration system

Symptoms of Xenoestrogens:

Some symptoms include but are not limited to:

Allergies, decreased libido, depression, fatigue, water retention, infertility, miscarriage, osteoporosis, fat gain around the hips, waist and thighs, breast and cervical cancers, early menstruation cycles for young girls.... for more information visit www.drjohnleemd.com.

Reference: East/West Natural Health & Dr. John Lee

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