Best Tips for Makeup at Every Age


IN YOUR 20s - Forget about less is more. You can really go for it.

Go for a bright red or mauve lip, experiment with a bold eye like Beyonce.  20’s are a time you can play with colors and get away with it.


IN YOUR 30s - The idea in your thirties is to be powerful. Find you own style and work it to bring out your best features.

Whatever your strong feature is, play with that. The rule of thumb is to choose one. If you have a strong eye, have a softer lip and vice versa. Color is in for Spring with beige, lt. olive, café, pinks, amethyst, blue to showcase the season.

On lips sheerer shades are always best because a deep tone can be aging as lips lose fullness. Use a lighter gloss to tone down any rich winter color.


IN YOUR 40s - It’s all about being classic. You have to think of it as a black cashmere turtleneck - it never goes out of style.

Avoid anything too trendy. Skip liquid foundation because it settles on wrinkles. Go for the tried and true…use lipstick, which never goes out of style, bronzer to enhance cheekbones and bring the skin alive, brow powder to create a lift in the eye area and always two coats of mascara.

Eye shadow - a sultry, neutral palette works best.  Add a pop of color in blue or green.



A deeper foundation color and blush will warm up the skin and make you look younger.

Wear Natural Eye Makeup - Keep eyes fresh-looking with brown eyeliner instead of black—and stick to no more than one coat of mascara.

Always apply with a lighter touch wherever you are applying.

Do not use Matte powder - It makes one look like they’re wearing a mask, always go for the sheer luminating look – not shimmer.

IN YOUR 60sis all about soft colors and appropriate ingredients.

Don’t think that you have to highlight the eyes, or lips or cheeks. Applying makeup to more mature skin is all about a fresh, whole-face application that doesn’t highlight one particular area but flatters the whole face.

Less is more keeping skin moist with a bit of color will do the trick.

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