Waxing versus Shaving

Who is a good candidate for waxing?

If you are the type of person that hates spending the time shaving your legs, underarms and bikini area every other day and are prone to skin irritations like razor bumps and ingrown hairs than waxing is for you. To properly shave you need to soak your skin to soften and loosen the hair follicle, exfoliate the dead/dry skin cells away, use a moisturizing shaving lotion and shave.  This can take up to an hour to do your whole body.  Who has that kind of time time every other day??? In order to prevent bacteria from getting into the hair follicle you have to use a new razor every time you shave.  This can get very expensive fast if you are purchasing a quality razor that will give you the cleanest shave.

Waxing is the superior option to shaving because it will save you time, money and will nourish your skin's health by lessening the chance for ingrown hairs and exfoliates dead skin cells.  Waxing is a form of epilation that removes hair at the root of the hair follicle allowing the hair to grow back more slowly and less coarse. Most clients experience hair removal for 4 to 6 weeks.  Shaving is a form of depilation that removes the hair at or near the surface causing the hair to be blunt and start its growth cycle 1-2 days after shaving.

When is a good time to get waxed?

Winter is the best time to start on a waxing routine so that your legs, bikini and underarms are ready for the warm weather. Because our hair grows in 3 different cycles, we can train the hair to grow all at the same time by continually waxing every 4 to 6 weeks.  By the time Spring/Summer rolls around your legs, bikini and underarms will have less ingrown hairs, the hair will be less coarse and easier to remove and the hair will grow back slower allowing for hair free worry when wearing shorts, bikinis and tank tops.


Just like maintaining your hair color and style waxing takes regular visits every 4 to 6 weeks.  The savings that you will gain from not having to buy razors and shaving lotions and the time that you save will pay for itself after one waxing session.  In order to optimize waxing results between visits it is important to start exfoliation after 48 hours of being waxed to prevent the skin from growing over the hair follicle "ingrown hairs", nourish your skin daily with Jojoba oil and your favorite essential oil mix and most importantly not shave in between visits.  If shaving is done between waxing visits it starts the hair growth cycle from the beginning requiring more waxing sessions to get back on schedule.  If you have heard people say that waxing gets less painful each time you get waxed, this is true only if shaving is not performed in between waxing otherwise waxing will feel like the first time, everytime.

**Make your appointment today with Mariah and start training your hair to grow at the same time to get your legs, bikini and underarms ready for Spring Break!!  612 824 7611

Top Spring 2011 Trends from New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week Unveils

Spring/Summer 2011 Couture

by Linda Ripoll

New York Fashion Week has become more than just two weeks filled with runway shows and parties for industry insiders, models, and shoppers. It has reached a position of prestige amongst anyone who has even the slightest interest in the world of couture and beauty. For the past two weeks, New York Fashion Week has taken over NYC as some of the top designers in the world displayed their gorgeous Spring and Summer 2011 collections.

Check out some of the hot new trends right from the runways for Spring and Summer 2011:

Top Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Trend: Long Bohemian Skirts One of the predominant trends on the Spring/Summer ’11 runways was the long, flowy skirt. Various designers played up this decidedly bohemian silhouette with different fabrications, ranging from silky cotton to colorful knits. For the bold fashionista that doesn’t mind baring a little skin, the see-through long skirt seen at Nicole Miller was a stand-out and not for a shrinking violet. Although this look can seem a bit safe, it’s best when paired with a form-fitting tank, shrunken jacket, or even a seductively see-through knit top for that much-needed sex appeal.

Top Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Trend: Leather and Lace Leather isn’t famous for being the ideal fabric for sunny afternoons, but this spring it’s standing out in several different ways. Leather dresses and skirts made a big splash on the runways, while leather shirts and jackets also made an appearance. Lace was also a big trend for spring as it was seen on several runways in varying styles and silhouettes. I personally love bringing leather and lace together for a feminine style with a rock ‘n’ roll edge.

Top Spring/Summer 2011 Fashion Trend: Like a Virgin White is officially the color of Spring 2011. From crisp linen shirts to pearl trousers and sheath dresses, the cool color was seen in every possible style imaginable. It’s best to do the monochromatic look and pop in some color with accessories, such as handbags, shoes, or jewelry.

Source: http://www.nochelatina.com/Articles/7573/Top-Spring-Summer-2011-Fashion-Trends-from-New-York-Fashion-Week

Best Tips for Makeup at Every Age


IN YOUR 20s - Forget about less is more. You can really go for it.

Go for a bright red or mauve lip, experiment with a bold eye like Beyonce.  20’s are a time you can play with colors and get away with it.


IN YOUR 30s - The idea in your thirties is to be powerful. Find you own style and work it to bring out your best features.

Whatever your strong feature is, play with that. The rule of thumb is to choose one. If you have a strong eye, have a softer lip and vice versa. Color is in for Spring with beige, lt. olive, café, pinks, amethyst, blue to showcase the season.

On lips sheerer shades are always best because a deep tone can be aging as lips lose fullness. Use a lighter gloss to tone down any rich winter color.


IN YOUR 40s - It’s all about being classic. You have to think of it as a black cashmere turtleneck - it never goes out of style.

Avoid anything too trendy. Skip liquid foundation because it settles on wrinkles. Go for the tried and true…use lipstick, which never goes out of style, bronzer to enhance cheekbones and bring the skin alive, brow powder to create a lift in the eye area and always two coats of mascara.

Eye shadow - a sultry, neutral palette works best.  Add a pop of color in blue or green.



A deeper foundation color and blush will warm up the skin and make you look younger.

Wear Natural Eye Makeup - Keep eyes fresh-looking with brown eyeliner instead of black—and stick to no more than one coat of mascara.

Always apply with a lighter touch wherever you are applying.

Do not use Matte powder - It makes one look like they’re wearing a mask, always go for the sheer luminating look – not shimmer.

IN YOUR 60sis all about soft colors and appropriate ingredients.

Don’t think that you have to highlight the eyes, or lips or cheeks. Applying makeup to more mature skin is all about a fresh, whole-face application that doesn’t highlight one particular area but flatters the whole face.

Less is more keeping skin moist with a bit of color will do the trick.

Kasia Organic Salon is a naturally based, 100% trusted company that    creates a environment that celebrates Informed, natural beauty.

Visit our website:  www.KasiaOrganicSalon.com, (612)-824-7611.


La Bella Donna is a revolutionary, pioneering concept in cosmetics: Minerals that behave like makeup. It is a complete collection of mineral-based formulas that are actually healthy for the skin because they are made from natural elements-mineral-based pigments for natural-looking colour and micronized Titanium Dioxide, a non-chemical sun block (SPF 20), for environmental protection. Iron Oxides provide the source of colour while Bismuth Oxychloride and Zinc Oxide act as anti-inflammatories. La Bella Donna products balance the moisture content of the skin, allowing it to breathe while blocking out the sun's harmful, damaging rays. They provide excellent coverage in a wide range of shades, containing no FD&C dyes, oil, talc, alcohol or fragrance.

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