Diffuse Oils and easily enhance the health of your air, body, mind and spirit.

Opt in every room in your house!

DiffusersKasia offers many options and reasons for using essential oils, and for many, they leave overwhelmed at times. 


We offer the highest quality, state of the art essential oil diffuser and aromatherapy diffuser for use in your home or anywhere you wish to receive the healing benefits of aromatherapy.

This is absolutely your BEST solution for consistently using essential oils to their maximum benefit. All-in-one, this unit is a diffuser, nebulizer, air purifier, and diffuser.  It is the quietest and most safe and efficient unit I've found on the market!

This small unit is very powerful as it humidifies the air and while doing so puts out a cool (does not heat and adulture the oils)  mist that transforms water and essential oils into rich, lively health-giving, and disease-ridding molecules.


No dropping bursts of glass, absolutely NO heat or flames, particularly safe for children and the elderly.

Easy to Use: You can change the strength and  output with a simple adjustment as well as the 5 different timer settings.  Unlike other diffusers, you will enjoy the timer settings which are particularly nice, as we have learned that olfactory fatigue can occur with dispersing or diffusing any essential oils.

We Love Setting #5!  The unit will run our oils for 15 minutes, then automatically off for 30 minutes, and continues to cycle for more than 8 hours depending on water supply and the output setting.  Great for a day at work, "clearing space," or fusing while you slumber!

Simple Controls:

To save, oils, energy and benefits, there is a function that will automatically stop the machine when the water is below the recommended level for optimal operation.


This awesome little machine can be used as a humidifier (particularly nice in the winter), atomizer and air purifier. This diffuser creates negative ions with its ultrasonic action, purifying your air both by this and the oils you select. Add your choice of essential oils and/or blends and turn the atmosphere in your home into a spa. If you have problems with bugs, such as ants, use a blend for that purpose. It will seep into all the cracks and crannies you couldn’t possibly reach, adding a line of defense against those small pests while at the same time it defends against other kinds of “bugs” (cold & flu) for homes with children and adults coming and going, bringing in all those cold & flu germs.

Diffusing to Eliminate Odors

Diffused therapeutic-grade essential oils alter the structure of molecules that create odors, rather than simply masking them. They also increase oxygen availability and produce negative ions.

Primary Benefits of Diffusing

  • Delight in you surroundings: Create a relaxing surrounding with oils, and instantly brighten the brain and mood!
  • Eliminate odors: Remove lingering smells without resorting to synthetic air fresheners.
  • Increase the health and air for you and your family by detoxing your home from harmful household chemicals.

Research shows that cold air diffusing certain    essential oils can help:

  • Reduce bacteria, fungus, mold, and unpleasant odors
  • Relax the body, relieve tension and clear the mind
  • Improve concentration, alertness, and mental clarity
  • Stimulate neurotransmitters
  • Stimulate secretion of endorphins
  • Stimulate growth hormone production and receptivity
  • Improve hormonal balance
  • Relieve headaches
  • Uplift mood

How does it do it?:

I can assure you, this investment is definitely worth it. High frequency sound (100 times beyond human hearing) generates patterns of movement that create "sonic bubbles" in the water in the diffuser's bowl. When these bubbles implode, nano-droplets of water are released from the surface. Each is enveloped by a fine coating of essential oil, floating up and rapidly becoming part of your room's atmosphere.

Quiet & Efficient:

If you've experienced other diffusers, issues include their inconsistent dispersion of the oils, inconsistent vibration, and the noise! This unit has a beautiful soft light for the night, is very quiet, and does not vibrate all over the table, (we've seen this happen with other models).

Experience the ultimate in state-of-the-art essential oil diffusion. H2EO's ultrasonic diffusers are available through Kasia Organic Salon.  Stop in today to learn the diffusing difference!

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