JULY 19 Seminar: Stress, Hormones, Detox, Gut Health & Inhibited Weightloss!

Julie Tebben is back to join Kasia Salon and Friends to learn why and how to address the three top weightloss and wellness inhibitors :


Your Sexy Hormones

Digestive system

Detoxification Pathways

Informed Beauty, YOU will receive:

•    Truth about Fad Diets and Myths •    Recipe Ideas •    Testing Suggestions •    Relation to- and tips on  Skin and Hair Health and MORE


The hormonal system regulates our metabolic rate and controls how we burn body fat, the digestive system provides us the nutrients we need to burn body fat and the detoxification system, when not working properly, prevents the burning of fat stores.

Date:  Monday, July 19th

Time:  6:15  pm

Where:  Kasia Organic Salon

Brief Preview:

Those Crazy Hormones.

Most weight gain can be traced to the adrenal, or stress, hormones. The adrenal hormone cortisol, best known for its pivotal role in responding to stress, also promotes the burning of body fat, helps regulate emotions, and counters inflammation —

Adrenal Exhaustion

Poor diets, lack of exercise and sleep, and long work hours leave bodies in a chronic state of stress, leaving your restorative functions impaired.

Yes, your fatigued but here are some  other adrenal rhythm impacts:

* Skin regeneration, causing wrinkles and premature aging

* Sleep quality, leading to trouble falling and staying asleep

* Bone health, which creates osteopenia or bone loss

* Muscle and joint function, leading to achy arthritis-type joint pain and neck, shoulder, and lower back pain

* Immune function, leading to frequent illness

The Digestive System

Referred as the "mother" system because it feeds our body tissues with the nutrients we need to function.

A well functioning digestive system is an crucial first step in any weight loss and wellness, as your body needs to absorb key vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids to properly regulate metabolism and burn fat.

Problems with the digestive system and hormonal system are the most common underlying causes of weight gain.

Intestinal fungal overgrowth, which triggers over consumption of carbohydrates and sweets and digestive tract and food sensitivities play a part in weight gain.

The Detoxification System

Detoxification pathways remove harmful chemicals generated from normal body functions.

Toxicity also leads to weight loss resistance. Toxins are stored in fat tissue in the body and people who are overweight will hold on to fat tissue tenaciously in an attempt to protect the body from the damage that would be caused by the release of these stored toxins.

In addition, liver toxicity leads to weight gain through fluid retention and bloating as the body attempts to buffer or neutralize the negative effects of toxins on the body.

RSVP and Learn the INFORMED BEAUTY way to Improving your “Three Systems”

Learn why and how to improve the three top weightloss and wellness inhibitors — hormonal, digestive, and detoxification —by applying the principles presented in  our upcoming workshop with Julie Tebben!

Meet the EXPERT.....

Ms.  Julie Tebben RNC, WHNP from the MN Natural Medicine Clinic.

Julie is an experienced certified nurse practitioner with advanced training in Functional Medicine  (your body functioning properly at the cellular level) and application of bioidentical hormones. Her focus in on women's health, age management, and the functional management of chronic illlness.

Kassie will breifly speak about  the New ADDITOINS to Kasia Salon, and how you can benefit from them.

Additional Reference: Dr. Kalish

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