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Your Digestive System -The TRUE ANSWER for Glowing Beauty

Radiant Skin, Both Inside and OUT!  The TRUE ANSWER for Glowing Beauty and Health

Kasia stands behind lifestyle decisions that feel right and create "beautiful health."  Our beauty and health then evolved to achieving RADIANT beauty!

The truth is that your external beauty is a direct reflection of your internal health and therefore, when you clean up and heal the body on the inside, the outside of your body will glow and shine!   Providing external products and services is one part of the equation.  If you do not have a healthy inside, even the most advanced skin care treatments will be fruitless.   Natural health, Functional Medicine, and other modalities help one's ability to get to the root of their inside - out beauty.  The first recommendation to starting this inside-out result, is to achieve a beautiful internal skin and cell cycle.  Where do you start?  The digestive system!


Cleansing the digestion system is one, if not the most important aspect of regaining your health and setting yourself up for radiant health.

This is because you are what you absorb.

Studies have now concluded that the majority of patients with chronic disorders - even when the disorders cause symptoms with no apparent connection to the digestive tract - have digestive and absorptive imbalances.


This is a huge breakthrough because it reveals the vital role that your digestive system plays in almost every aspect of your health. In fact, most people find that once they cleanse and heal their GI tract, the majority, if not all, or their chronic and acute health symptoms and complaints are taken care of.

Therefore, we here at Kasia Organic Salon promote utilizing  Premier Research Labs, a top of the line supplemental digestive support aid that also benefits the hair, skin, and psychological/emotion for anyone looking to achieve their best health ever.  

For additional "Informed Beauty" information how to best approach a healthier digestive track, learn more about ....


A properly functioning digestive system is critical to good health. In functional medicine we use a program that goes by the simple acronym of the ‘5Rs’: remove, replace, reinoculate, repair and rebalance. When applied to various chronic problems, the 5R program can cause dramatic improvement in symptoms, and sometimes even complete resolution of the problem.
This cuts to the core of the functions of the gastrointestinal tract.   It is becoming increasingly recognized that disturbances in the function of the GI tract can result in a number of symptoms and conditions. These range from symptoms such as fatigue, joint pain, muscle pain, and headaches, to medical conditions such as inflammatory bowel disease, allergies, asthma, autism, ADHD, and chronic skin conditions. It is this association between GI function and ill health that the 5-R Program is intended to address.
The goal of the 5-R Program is to accomplish the following:
1.     To address dietary and lifestyle issues, and to begin the process of dietary education and change.
2.     To normalize digestion and absorption.
3.     To normalize the balance of gastrointestinal bacteria.
4.     To promote a balanced system of detoxification.
5.     To promote gastrointestinal healing.
A full 5-R Program takes approximately three to six months to complete. It is very important that you are prepared to implement the somewhat demanding dietary changes of the program, as without the dietary component you can not achieve anywhere near the maximum therapeutic benefit.
The elements of the 5R program are described briefly below.
1.    Remove Remove stressors: get rid of things that negatively affect the environment of the GI tract including allergic foods, parasites or other bad bugs such as bacteria or yeast. This might involve using an allergy “elimination diet” to find out what foods are causing GI symptoms or it may involve taking drugs or herbs to eradicate a particular bug.
2.    Replace Replace digestive secretions: add back things like digestive enzymes, hydrochloric acid and bile acids that are required for proper digestion and that may be compromised by diet, drugs, diseases, aging, or other factors.
3.    Reinoculate Help beneficial bacteria flourish by taking in probiotic foods or supplements that contain the so-called “good” bacteria such as bifidobacteria and lactobacillus species, and by consuming the high soluble fiber foods that good bugs like to eat, called “prebiotics.”
4.    Repair Help the lining of the GI tract repair itself by supplying key nutrients that can often be in short supply in a disease state, such as zinc, antioxidants (e.g. vitamins A, C, and E), fish oil, and the amino acid glutamine.
5.    Rebalance Pay attention to lifestyle choices – sleep, exercise and stress can all affect the GI tract.
THE FUNCTIONS OF THE GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT You have heard it said "you are what you eat."    In Functional Medicine, we take it a step further in our belief that "you are what you eat, and then absorb, and then what you do or do not detoxify."
·       DIGESTION- This is the process whereby our food is broken down into smaller portions that are more easily absorbed by the intestines.
·       ABSORPTION- This is the process whereby the digested food is taken up by the intestine and delivered to the body for utilization as energy, nutrition, and other cellular functions.
·       EXCLUSION- This refers to the barrier function performed by the GI tract as it appropriately excludes substances from entering the body.
·       DETOXIFICATION- This is the complex process involving the liver and GI tract whereby toxins are metabolized for elimination from the body. Toxins include such things as medication we take that must be metabolized, to pesticides, preservatives, dyes, and flavor-enhancers we ingest knowingly in our food, as well as the over 4 million chemicals present in our environment not intended for use in our bodies.
·       ELIMINATION- After digestion has occurred, and the metabolic phase of detoxification is complete, the GI tract must then eliminate the digestive and metabolic wastes of these processes. Some refer to this as excretion.

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Digestive health and how to 'activate' your hydrochloric acid!


These two are absolutely our #1 priority and recommendation for anyone over 30 years old!

PRL Premier HCL Activator is designed to be used with   Premier HCL.

HCL Activator from Premier Research Labs is a botanical supplement that is designed for whole body detox and remethylation support.

Quantum HCL Activator is designed for use with HCL (hydrochloric acid) to liberate its well-known detox capacity of HCL to support the strengthening of the entire immune system and its extensive role in whole body health.


  • Supports whole body cleansing and health
  • All natural-source nutrients, free of toxic tagalongs.
  • Supports immune, gastrointestinal, arterial and whole body cleansing and health
  • Supports excellent oral and dental detoxification
  • Supports purification and deep-cleansing of the lymphatic system, especially congested tissue

The HCL Detox Program is a great program to support the cleansing of all the bodys organs and glands.

Most people on a western diet have had their stomach’s ability to produce hydrochloric acid (HCL) compromised by age 30 and need an HCL supplement as their most important digestive aid to properly break down their food. Rotting food is a breeding ground for parasites and bacteria. Heartburn and acid reflux are actually caused by a lack of HCL. Without enough HCL, the food starts to rot and produce lactic acid which causes the acid reflux. Anti-acids actually make the condition worse. HCL addresses the cause by helping to digest the meal properly.

HCL also has superior anti-infective properties and can be useful, at higher dosages, with any bacterial infestation. At very high dosages, for a long term (6-18 months) it has the potential to help the body dissolve calcium deposits, which is the underlying issue with arthritis.

Premier HCL Activator when used with Premier HCL, helps to liberate the deep seated detox capacity of HCL to promote peak efficiency of the entire immune system and its extensive role in whole body health. This HCL Detox is a highly effective, inexpensive procedure used by medical pioneers in the 1930s with outstanding results for cleansing all the body's organs and glands. Now you can benefit from this same amazing health procedure and enjoy the added benefits of all natural-source nutrients, free of toxic tagalongs.

Premier HCL Activator and Premier HCL can support the body with:

  • anti-aging/life extension - help restore a third of your life
  • malaria, tuberculosis, lymes disease, recluse spider bites
  • suppression of oncogenes and reactivation of tumor suppressor genes
  • most efficient cellular detoxification mechanism
  • most efficient vehicle to restore cellular methylation reserves - can achieve the complex transfer and cellular uptake essential for cell re-methylation

Fountain of Youth Bonus:

A marker of aging is the number of methyl groups in the cell. We use up about 1200 per day, if eating a raw food diet or using HCL for digestion after each meal. When eating cooked food without the HCL support, we use up 1800 methyl groups per day. Once gone, the cells are aged and degenerated. So using the Premier HCL Activator along with the Premier HCL can save up to a third of your life. Wow!

But even better news...when you add the HCL Activator to the Premier HCL, you begin a remethylation process. As you recover these methyl groups over time, you regain a portion of your life...and health.

Additionally, some people wonder if the HCL causes your urine pH to be more acidic. It actually helps you become more alkaline. Although it provides the needed digestive acid in the stomach, once processed by digestion, it becomes alkaline in the blood and urine. It also has a stearlizing and anti-infective affect.



Learn more about the essential needs of HCL in your diet HERE.

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